5 Places Our Editors Actually Buy Clothes From

As editors, we do our fair share of online shopping. It's our job to scour the web for the coolest new styles, but when we're finally off the clock and shopping for ourselves, of course we fall back on a few of our favorites. By now, you know we're all about finding pieces that are both polished and fashion forward. We're inclined to splurge every once in a while, but we try to stick to budget too.

So, which stores made the top of our cumulative shopping list? We polled our editors and collected the data. The results: Five stores logged the most votes. While there were plenty of other awesome spots who came close to top billing, this handful of cool stores is where we admit to shopping most (and we wouldn't be surprised if they topped your list too). 

Read on to check out the five stores we shop the most and pick out a little something for yourself!