The Kmart Fashion Buys That Will Likely Sell out

Kmart is my guilty pleasure. I have a 24-hour store dangerously close to my house, at the same shopping center I do my groceries, so it’s really hard to not find a reason to go in every week. I don’t need to tell you that a visit to Kmart never ends with the reason you stepped in to begin with—it’s notroiously easy to walk in for one thing, and end up with a trolley full of affordable finds. Its homewares collection is out of this world (there are countless Pinterest boards devoted to #KmartHacks), and its one of the most underrated beauty destinations in Australia. But fashion? I always can find something that catches my eye. In store, and online. You just need to know how to look, and what to look for.

Don’t expect to go into Kmart for of-the-minute fashion trends. That’s wishful thinking. Style staples that tick the trend box, but border on ‘classic’ are more the vibe.  I know that anytime I visit Kmart, I’ll be able to find a black pencil skirt, white shirt, metal-frame sunglasses, etc—it’s good for those super easy basics you find yourself needing to update all the time.

Keep scrolling for our Kmart shopping tips and shop our favourite items available now.

In Store

The store is usually merchandised with each category housed separately. I immediately go straight to the apparel, and cast my eye directly to the monochrome colours. Prints and patterns tend to look cheap, so I only look at black, white, grey, khaki, or navy black colours. 


Before I purchase, I do a quick scroll through the online catalogue to see if I can find the item on a model, to get an idea of how it sits on the body. Fit is everything. 

Shop Kmart Pieces

This looks way more expensive than $12, right?

Sick of ruining your expensive black pencil skirts at work? You won't have to feel bad about this $10 find.

It's almost festival season, and what's festival season without a bit of fringing?

Throw away the rubber thongs and wear these down to the beach instead.

Obsessed with the lace detail on this simple black slip dress.

Can you even believe these are only $8?

A straw bag is a straw bag, there's no need to spend hundreds if you only plan on using it for a few beach visits each year.

Opening image: Collage Vintage

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