No Surprise: Fashion Girls Are Obsessed With This TV Show Too

Stylish women may be up on all the latest trends, have closets filled with cool designers, and never leave the house without a cute pair of sunglasses, but they’re not immune to the most embarrassing question ever asked by an app: “Are you still watching?” So to find out what specific TV shows fashion-savvy women are watching across the board, we’ll be bringing you monthly findings from insiders who appreciate a television binge as much as you do.

August may seem like the month to get outside and see the sunshine, but that doesn't mean there aren't reasons to stay in. For starters, the bloggers and influencers below have more than a few recommendations for how to spend your time looking at a silver screen. You won't regret it—trust.

Below, take a look at the TV shows fashion girls can't resist in August.

The Obvious Crowd Favorite: Game of Thrones

"I am watching the last season of Game of Thrones right now. This season, all the main women characters are wearing all black—I am obsessed with their costumes and hair. Love the aesthetic of this show." Jen Wonders

"I'm currently watching Game of Thrones because the plot and cinematography are amazing!" Justina Long-Am, Just in a City

The Even-Better-the-Second-Time-Around Show: Breaking Bad

"I barely watch TV anymore seeing as I truly don't have time, but when I do, I love watching Breaking Bad over and over again on Netflix. The plot, the characters, and the acting always keep you on edge! I truly can't get enough." Stephanie Weizman, Let Me Wear That

The Girl-Power Pick: Glow

"Glow validates how badass it is to be a woman, the power of sisterhood, and how much better everything was in the '80s. That's all I want in a show, and Glow definitely delivers." Gabriella Seviya, Gab Sevi




The Fantasy Fix: Ozark

"I'm currently watching Ozark on Netflix. I was instantly hooked and used major self-control to prevent a binge-watching session. Breaking Bad vibes + Jason Bateman + a great soundtrack = definitely worth your time." Sarah Najafi

The Sleeper Hit: The Last Kingdom

"I, of course, love all the classic favorites such as Game of Thrones, Peaky Blinders, Westworld, etc., but one of my latest obsessions, that may not be as widely known and loved, is a British series called The Last Kingdom (available on Netflix). The show follows Uhtred, a Viking hottie and OG of the man bun, through his trials of getting revenge and conquering kingdoms. If you're into the medieval warrior kind of thing, I definitely recommend binging the two seasons of The Last Kingdom if you're all caught up on GOT and need to get your fix of bloody battle scenes." Rachel Nosco, Aesthetics Anonymous

The Guilty Pleasure: The Bachelorette

"Every season I say I'm done watching, and then they announce the next candidate, and I watch again. Apparently, I love watching people's relationships evolve and seeing people find love." — Erin Grey, Style by the People

The Powerful Political Statement: The Handmaid's Tale

"As an actress, part of my 'work' is to watch TV (and trust me, I watch everything). This summer, I was most intrigued by The Handmaid's Tale. I read the book in college, and this show seriously exceeded my expectations. Elisabeth Moss and Samira Wiley are total badasses. And any show that has poignant and relevant social commentary, I'm down. Protecting women's access to healthcare, anyone?" Kathryn Zahorak

"I had heard so many great things about it, and I'm currently reading it, so it's been cool to read and watch side-by-side and compare the two. Although extreme, it is interesting to see a world in which a government puts environment and women's rights to the wayside." — Jordan Santos