6 Colors That Are as Easy to Wear as Black


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If you read my stories regularly, then you may already have been able to tell that I don’t really wear a lot of color. Not that I don’t like the look or anything, but I think my tendency towards neutrals stems partly from the fact that I prefer buying clothes and accessories in black or white because I know that that’s how I’ll be able to get the most use out of them. Plus, I have pretty simple style overall, which doesn’t help my case much either.

Nonetheless, even though it doesn’t happen often, every once in a while, I do switch it up and actually buy and wear clothes and accessories that aren’t black, white, or denim. And, when it does happen, I’ve found there are certain hues that are more approachable than others. Just what are they? Keep scrolling to see, read about, and shop the six versatile colors I think are as easy to wear as black.

Hunter Green

Ever since I took a risk and bought a hunter green handbag years ago, I’ve come to realize that the color is extremely versatile and easy to wear. Not only does it pair well with my typical neutral outfits, but every once in a while when I want to switch it up with colors, the bag complements other shades well, too. Below, you can see how Monikh Dale’s all-green outfit pairs her printed bag and brown heels.

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It took me a while to come around to beige, but now that I have, I’m so into it. First of all, it’s obviously a baby step into the world of wearing color, but the small risk comes with a big reward. It’s also a classic color so you’ll never regret buying it and, as you can see above, even if you wear it with just black and white, beige pieces elevate any outfit and make a neural look a lot more dynamic.

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Guess who! Spoiler alert—it’s me in the below photo showing off my favorite sweater of the season (and one of my few favorite colors). Aside from the fact that it’s literally the only shade of nail polish I’ll wear, I also enjoy wearing burgundy clothes from time to time. While the color red intimates me a lot, it’s cousin burgundy is an approachable and easy-to-style hue that lets you wear color without feeling like you’ve overdone it.

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While a couple years ago, it was unclear whether lilac was going to be a short-lived trend or a medium-lived trend, the fashion gods ended up tricking us all because it’s practically become a neutral at this point. Whether it’s tops, sweaters, outerwear, or anything else, it seems like everything looks better in lilac and thankfully, lilac looks good with everything.

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First things first: Whoever told you that you can’t wear navy and black together was wrong. Second of all, while navy does look great with black as well as other neutrals (as seen below), it also looks good with a lot of other colors. My suggestion? Try buying one item in navy that you’d usually buy in black, such as a pair of trousers or a coat, and see how much more interesting it makes your day-to-day outfits going forward.

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Closing it out with another classic color, camel is one of those hues that (aside from pairing well with pretty much everything) makes any item and outfit look expensive—whether or not it actually was. Perfect for fall-ready pieces such as coats and sweaters, the shade is a no-brainer if you’re looking to take lighten up your all-black outfits.

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