Temperature Check: Which of Last Year's Fall Trends Would We Still Wear?

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Szymon Brzóska/The Style Stalker

Confession: While, as an editor, I pride myself on knowing the latest trends and staying ahead of the curve in regard to what’s cool in fashion, when it comes to what I’ll actually wear, I’m a pretty late adopter. When I see something bubble up, I like to sit on it for a while (which could mean anything from weeks to months) and make sure I feel like it’s actually worth my money and closet space before investing. Oftentimes, I get it right, and, of course, sometimes I get it wrong, but up until now, I’ve done a decent job with buying pieces that can stick with me for the long haul—and so have my colleagues.

That’s why I asked them to share which of last year’s fall trends they would still wear this coming season in order to get a sense of what pieces are on their way to becoming classics rather than being on their way out. To see, read about, and shop the 10 trends that made the cut (including my own pick), just keep scrolling.

The Trend: Beige

It took me a while to warm up to last fall's beige trend, and by a while, I guess I mean one year because I'm suddenly very into it. While my favorite "colors" to wear will always be black and white, for now, beige is my third-favorite neutral, and I'm happy to see a lot of it in street style and on shopping sites for this fall.

The Trend: Skirt Suits

"The skirt suit was just getting started last fall, and I feel like it's been a slow burn, meaning it's the perfect time to purchase one this season. As for skirt length, opt for a mini to keep the look more fashionable and less like a uniform."

The Trend: Embossed Accessories

"Croc- and snakeskin-embossed accessories are timeless no matter what, and there are plenty of fresh iterations emerging all over the market, which has me convinced this trend is here to stay." 

The Trend: Leather

"I added a leather trench coat to my wardrobe last year, and I feel justified in wearing it just as much now as I did then thanks to this fall's massive leather trend."

The Trend: '80s-Style Sleeves

"Big '80s-style sleeves are a trend I simply can't quit. Trust me—there's plenty of evidence that will back this up."

The Trend: Cardigans

"I think I've become a cardigan wearer for life. I love sweaters, but they can be a little dull. Add a row of buttons, and even the plainest knit feels special. I basically wanted every one that & Other Stories made last fall, and the same is true for this fall."

The Trend: Western Boots 

"This season is all about square-toe boots, which I fully support, but I don't think it's time to get rid of Western boots yet. I bought these last fall, and I plan on continuing to wear them often this year (partly because they're insanely comfortable)."

The Trend: Checks & Plaid

"Checks and plaid are forever classics, but last year they blew up big time on and off the runways. (Read: Everyone in our office owned a check blazer.) This year the print is still growing strong (playing into the bourgeois trend perfectly), and I'm excited to add some new heritage prints to my repertoire."

The Trend: Animal Print 

"While you could easily consider leopard print a perennial trend at this point, the look made major waves throughout the fashion universe last fall. I hit the trend hard, incorporating a range of spotted jackets and bags into my wardrobe. I'm still stocking up on animal-printed pieces this season, as they complement my all-black outfits just flawlessly."

The Trend: Corduroy

"Corduroy seems to make an appearance every fall, and I'm never mad about it. I'm particularly into corduroy jackets, and there are so many great versions from Anine Bing, Rebecca Minkoff, and more right now."

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