The "Old" Fashion Trends That We Still Wear All the Time

Fashion has always been a fast-moving industry, with its biannual rotation of trends that change with the season. The birth of the internet, and subsequent arrival of social media, has sent this process into overdrive, with some trends coming and going within the space of a month, if not less. Honestly, it would leave anyone feeling out of breath with the effort of keeping up with it all.

There's nothing inherently wrong with embracing the flavour of the moment, especially if you're just experimenting with pieces that are already in your wardrobe. However, there is a risk that we end up buying things we quickly fall out of love with, or we miss out on fashion gems because they are declared to be "out." After a discussion with my fellow editors, we could think of a long list of pieces that we love, and were once ubiquitous, but were swept away by the tide of a new season. 

Just think of 2019's slip-skirt trend, specifically that Topshop style that could not stay in stock for more than a few hours. Or the humble biker jacket and skinny jeans, which were both noughties staples before being ousted by the shacket and mom jeans. I acknowledge that this will hardly be a hot take for some people who have never been lured in by the shiny appeal of seasonal trends, but for those of us who enjoy fashion and its innovations, it can be all too easy to get swept up in newness. So in celebration of trends that have been sidelined, each editor has chosen one item that they stand by, regardless of whether it is "in" or not. All together now: Long live the anti-trend.

Editor in Chief Hannah Almassi: Slip Skirts


(Image credit: @hannahalmassi)

"I'm not one to listen to what's 'in' or 'out,' but I was particularly surprised by the sudden disappearance of slip skirts. They were everywhere and then… nowhere! Considering they're so easy to throw on, versatile to style up and far more comfortable than a pair of jeans or trousers, I cannot understand their retail demise, but I still wear my trusty Samsøe Samsøe blue slip skirt at least once a week. It's seen me through maternity and onto the other side, and if Zoë Kravitz agrees with me that these bias-cut midis are still in, then I'm in great company. Come join us!"


Editor Emma Spedding: Ballet Pumps


(Image credit: @speddingemma)

"I've been writing about fashion for 10 years, and over this time, there have been some items that constantly seem to swing in and out of favour—mainly skinny jeans and ballet flats. Every six months or so, there will be a headline or proclamation in the fashion world that ballet pumps are back, but I would argue they never really went anywhere. The shape of my pumps might have changed slightly. Now, I lean towards a firmer leather with an almond or more structured toe. But they are comfortable and go with everything, so I'm sure I'll be wearing them for the next few decades. If they're good enough for Audrey Hepburn…"


Assistant Editor Nell Block: Track Pants


(Image credit: @nellblock)

"As a teenager of the '90s, owning a pair of Adidas trousers was quite the coup. If it had poppers, even better. As a result, this desire for sportswear has left me with a fashion hangover of 20 years, as I'm still wearing track pants today. I should add, however, that Sarah Harris of Vogue and various influencers were all over the three-stripe Adidas Firebird trousers around 2016, so they've definitely made a comeback more recently, but they have, inevitably, died off again. I, however, will be wearing them for another 20 years, no doubt."


Social & Fashion Editor Zoe Anastasiou: Skinny Jeans


(Image credit: @zoepopi)

"After experiencing a skinny-jean hiatus over the last few years, this autumn, I'm convinced I'll be putting them back into my rotation. What changed my tune, you might ask? The H&M pair above, which I tried on a few months back for a petite shopping edit. They felt so flattering, and while they are quite close-fitting, they didn't fall into the 'spray-on' or uncomfortably tight category. With boot season around the corner, I know skinny jeans will come in handy as a super-simple and versatile wardrobe addition."


Shopping Editor Joy Montgomery: Biker Jackets


(Image credit: @joy_monty)

"I have been wearing biker jackets since I was 18, back in the days of Kate Moss's pitch-perfect, black-skinnies-and-leather-jacket ensembles. While their popularity has slowly dwindled in recent years, I remain loyal to the biker-jacket cause, whether it's via a sturdy style from Scotch & Soda that I bought in a sample sale four years ago or this more recent suede acquisition from AllSaints. The beauty of the biker is that anyone can wear it, whether you're 17 or 70, and there are enough varying fabrics and fits to cater to any occasion."


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