The Shoe Trend Everyone's Wearing With Jeans, Dresses and Bikinis


Every fashion editor can tell you that shoes are arguably the most important (and often overlooked) part of what makes or breaks an outfit. We scour through Instagram and watch endless looks come down the runway, but if the shoes aren't right, it's lost its luster in a matter of seconds. Call us extra if you will, but I know that we aren't the only shoe-obsessed people out there—the fashion set and our dear readers (yes, you) are known to love a good pair of shoes just as much as we do. So when it comes to shoes that have our stamp of approval, which ones are currently top of mind for us? While there's always a roaster of great shoe trends worth mentioning, none have held our attention as much as the return of platform sandals

Platforms made their triumphant return over the past two seasons impart due to cult-favorite brands like Versace and Staud championing the style. But upon further inspection, you can see that the rise in popularity of this shoe can be attributed to its versatility and variation. Unlike other shoe trends, there's more freedom to make this style work for you—albeit opting for a pair of sky-high platform heeled sandals or chunky platform thong sandals. On top of that, you can style them with just about anything, making it arguably one of the best shoe trends to buy right now. But you don't have to take my word for it—ahead, you'll find 19 platform sandal outfits that can be worn this summer and some that are even great for colder weather. Plus, we've shopped out the key pieces you'll need to re-create the look for yourself. 


Halter Top + Shorts + Platform Sandals
(Image credit: @cassdimicco)

If you're planning on travelling soon, there are no better shoes to pack than a pair of platform sandals. Hear me out on this. Imagine how you feel after a long day exploring: Exhausted but excited to go out to dinner (perhaps a reservation at the best restaurant in town?) while looking cute and comfortable. Enter the ensemble above. Styling a pair of shorts and a halter top with platform sandals is an effortless evening look that won't fail you.

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Printed Minidress + Shoulder Bag + Platform Sandals
(Image credit: @xo.shru)

The easiest way to take a simple summer dress to new heights is by styling it with a pair of platform sandals. Trust us when we say this is the ensemble you didn't even know you needed in your life.

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Micro Cardigan + Maxi Skirt + Platform Sandals
(Image credit: @emmaleger)

Consider this further proof that all holidays require you to pack a pair of platform sandals. Of course, the key to taking this popular shoe to the height of style is by being unafraid to walk on the risqué side of things. Why not pair your heeled platforms with a micro cardigan and maxi skirt? You're on vacation, so you might as well do the most.

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Corset Top + Linen Pencil Skirt + Platform Sandal
(Image credit: @slipintostyle)

Just when you thought platform sandals couldn't get any hotter, this outfit exists. If you really want to level up this style, you must pair it with a linen pencil skirt and corset top for a hot summer outfit.

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Matching Tweed Set + Sunglasses + Platform Sandals
(Image credit: @lefevrediary)

Who said platform sandals were just for warmer months? You can get more wear out of this style by pairing it with a matching tweed set in the fall or spring.

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Maxi Dress + Platform Sandals
(Image credit: @jeannine.roxas)

Have an upcoming wedding or vacation on the calendar but dreading what footwear to wear? Enter platform-heeled sandals. They're ideal for any special occasion, as they'll give you the height you're craving without the potential blisters.

Recreate the look:


Blazer + Jeans + Platform Sandals
(Image credit: @marina_torres)

If you love the idea of platform sandals but want a more functional way to style this trend, look no further than this outfit. Opting for a platform flip-flop with jeans, a tank, and a blazer is the perfect way to embrace this style sans effort.

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Button-Down + Slip Dress + Platform Sandals
(Image credit: @ironnsalt)

Another effortless way to incorporate this shoe trend into your life is by styling it with a button-down and slip dress. It's the perfect look for a warm summer day if I say so myself.

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(Image credit: @rachelnosco)

Platforms really can make any look 10 times cooler. Case in point? The outfit above. If you find that you want to switch things up, pairing a colorful pair of platform sandals with your go-to oversize button-down and printed pants will make your precious pieces feel fresher than ever.

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Cardigan + Trousers + Platform Sandals
(Image credit: @nlmarilyn)

Not to sound like a broken record, but you can wear your platform sandals long past the summer. Need proof? See the outfit above. Styling platform flip-flops with trousers and a cardigan is ideal for transitional weather.

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Crop Top + Jeans + Platform Sandals
(Image credit: @anna__laplaca)

Wearing a crop top and jeans in the summertime is nothing new, but fellow editor Anna LaPlaca shows that by adding a pair of platform thong sandals into the mix, you can serve up a look.

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Denim Button-Down + Tank + Jeans + Platform Sandals
(Image credit: @devapollon)

Looking for another way to wear your platforms long past summertime? Pair them with your go-to pair of jeans, a tank, and layering a denim button-down on top. It's an effortless look that embodies cool-girl energy. Plus, it gives you an excuse to wear platforms more. Who wouldn't want that?

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Oversize Button-Down + Bikini Top + Pants + Platform Sandals
(Image credit: @andi_mun)

Everyone knows that a great beach-ready outfit requires at least one element of surprise, so why not make it a pair of platform sandals? It's arguably the easiest way to make your bikini feel brand-new without buying a whole new look.

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Kerchief + Denim Dress + Platform Sandals
(Image credit: @alyssainthecity)

Reminder: These shoes aren't just for days spent by the water. You can wear platform sandals daily, and well past the summertime—all you have to do is style them more fall-ready pieces (think a denim dress). Pairing your platforms with your favorite fall staples is the easiest way to take these sandal slides into another season and still look good.

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Leather Moto Jacket + Maxi Dress + Platform Sandals
(Image credit: @daniellejinadu)

What's another fail-proof way to style this shoe beyond the summer? By adding layers, of course. Pair your flatform sandals with a maxi dress and moto jacket, and suddenly you've got the perfect outfit for a crisp fall day.

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Shearling Jacket + Sweaterdress + Platform Sandals
(Image credit: @venswifestyle)

It's not just the fall that you can wear this style—it's a year-round shoe if styled correctly. Just look at the outfit above as guidance. Pairing a flatform sandal with a shearling jacket and sweater dress is ideal for looking cool on chillier days without freezing.

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Bodycon Sweater Dress + Chunky Chain Necklace + Platform Sandals
(Image credit: @fisayolonge)

For a more formal way to style this platform sandal in colder months, you'll want to let the look above be your guidepost. Pairing heeled platforms with a bodycon sweater dress and chunky chain necklace is the perfect look for a night out.

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Waistcoat + Platforms + Trousers
(Image credit: @shhtephs)

By now, you may be thinking that this shoe style airs on the casual side, and while it mostly does, there are ways you can work to dress this style up a bit more. For example, you can pair platform shoes with a waistcoat and relaxed trousers, and suddenly the shoes will feel like they've gotten a little promotion of their own.

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Wrap Dress + Shoulder Bag + Platform Sandals
(Image credit: @laurennicolefk)

You've made it to the end of this story, and hopefully, you've concluded that no matter what type of platforms you prefer, this style can be worn anywhere and any time of the year. But should you still doubt how to style this popular shoe, we recommend always keeping it simple. You can't go wrong with pairing platform sandals with a wrap dress and shoulder bag (it works every time).

The lesson here? Wearing platforms is about letting the shoe do the heavy lifting. These shoes will elevate everything you already own simply by just wearing them. 

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