Platform Sandals Are It, so I Found the 42 Best Pairs

Platform sandals at every price point



Everyone has that one thing they love shopping for—maybe denim, luxe staples, or rising trends—but it’s always shoes for me. Searching for unique affordable heels or saving up for a great pair of strappy sandals brings me more joy than I care to admit. While I don’t like to play favorites when it comes to my babies, one shoe trend has my full attention: platform sandals.  And I know for a fact I’m not the only one obsessed with platform shoes right now. If you scroll through Instagram on any given day, you’ll conclude that platform’s popularity has reached new heights. In part, this is due to dreamy it-shoes making this trend float to the top of every fashion girl’s wishlist; but really, it’s just because there are so many ways to wear platforms. 


The platform shoe trend is arguably the easiest style to incorporate into any wardrobe right now (as you can find it in various iterations). You really can’t go wrong with adopting any version of this shoe because, well, they’re all cute. That being said, with summer on the horizon, it only makes sense to invest in a pair of platform sandals. So, I’ve scoured the internet to narrow down the best platform sandals to shop at every price point. From minimal to colorful, affordable to luxurious, there’s a platform sandal ahead for everyone.

Platform Sandals Under $150:

These will fit seamlessly into your wardrobe.

Don’t be afraid to walk on the wild side.

Everything about these platforms is perfect—from the vibrant orange hue to the pleating. 

Pack these for your next trip—you won’t regret it. 

Take note of the subtle contrasting green sole on these sandals. 

Cinderella’s slippers don’t have anything on these embellished platform strappy sandals. 

A perfect summer sandal, if I don’t say so myself. 

I love the little buckles on these flip-flop platforms. 

You can wear these to every wedding this summer.

Are we back in the aughts? Because these Coach platforms feel like they took me back in time.

The shape of these platform sandals is something else. 

Wood platforms rise above all other trends for me. 

Just when I thought the platform shoe trend couldn’t get better, Zara created these kelly green heels.

If you’re going to adopt this trend, why not go for it and buy a quirkier pair?

Platform Sandals Under $300:

Black linen platforms with embroidered flowers? I’m literally losing it. 

Dreaming of all the ways I’m going to style these bad boys.

Why pick one neutral hue when you could wear them all?


When wrap sandals meet platforms, you get this magical pair. 

The crochet stitching on these platforms is so cute.

These pink satin platforms are begging for a night out.

These are giving a whole new meaning to the term, “sunshine season”.

Nothing I love more than a black and white shoe. 

Platform Sandals to Splurge on:

These have to be the coolest platform sandals I’ve ever seen. 

Now’s the time to invest in a designer pair of platforms. 

If I had these Simon Miller platforms in my life, I’d be truly living

The chains make these all the more special.

I’m debating booking a vacation just so I can wear these sandals.

I love a unique shoe, especially when it's a platform. 

Ask any editor, and they’ll tell you By Far’s shoes are worth every penny.

Consider these a long-term investment.