Platform Heels Are the Only Shoe Trend That Matters RN—Here's How to Wear Them


If you scroll through Instagram on any given day, you’ll notice that one It item that every influencer is wearing. Sometimes, it’s balaclavas; other days, it’s berets. But there’s always one piece that’s got a gorilla grip on the gorgeous, gorgeous girls. Lately, that just so happens to be platform heels. Considering that we’re still amid a pandemic, it doesn’t seem like the most practical heel trend to arise. But as fashion history informs us, when things get bad, the heels get higher. (Consider the most recent example of this in the form of revenge heels.)

Of course, it’s not just where the world is at large that makes the idea of levitating above it all in some platform shoes lust-worthy. It’s also the dreamy designer heels that have dominated the runway. From Versace’s Medusa Aevitas Platform Pumps to Valentino’s Garavani Tan-Go Platform Pumps, platforms have made their way back into fashion’s zeitgeist and our hearts. But if you’re still unsure if this silhouette can move beyond being party shoes, keep reading. Ahead, you’ll find 19 outfit ideas that will show you how to wear platform heels beyond the runway or the dance floor.


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WEAR: Knit Set + Platforms

Platform heels may have the reputation of being harder to style, but that’s just because we overthink how to wear them. Our tip? Dress them down for everyday wear by pairing them with that knit set you’re obsessed with.

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WEAR: All-Black Outfit + Platform-Heeled Boots + Statement Scarf

An all-black outfit is nothing groundbreaking, but if you add a colorful statement scarf and a pair of platform ankle boots into the mix, you’ll be taking this tried-and-true look to the next level.

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WEAR: Cardigan + Tank + Biker Shorts + Platform Boots 

Who said platforms couldn’t be worn for a stroll around the park? Pair your favorite cozy tank, cardigan, and biker shorts with platform boots, and you’ve got the perfect balance of casual and dressed up.

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WEAR: Puff-Sleeve Blouse + Dress + Platform Heels 

Does the thought of styling platforms overwhelm you? When in doubt, keep it simple. Pair your favorite puff-sleeve blouse with a printed dress and platform heels. This fail-proof look will last long past any trend cycle.

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WEAR: Pleated Top + Pleated Skirt + Platform-Heeled Boots

Platform shoes can be professional. Case in point: the outfit above. If you pair a conservative pleated blouse with a pleated skirt and platform-heeled boots, your work wardrobe will reach whole new heights.

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WEAR: Statement Coat + Button-Front Dress + Knee-High Platform Boots

When it comes to making platform heels work in the winter, the key is to embrace how extra this shoe style is. Why not pair knee-high-platform boots with a colorful statement coat? The sky is the limit with this style, so don't be afraid to do the most. 

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WEAR: Sweater + Miniskirt + Tights + Platform-Heeled Boots

For heel lovers, the prospect of spending the winter in flats is abysmal. Luckily, platform-heeled ankle boots exist. Simply styling them with a sweater, a miniskirt, and tights is the perfect way to make this shoe style a staple year-round.

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WEAR: Suede Jacket + T-Shirt + Leather Pants + Platform Heels 

Whether it’s a warm winter day or a cold spring day, platform heels are the perfect shoes for the occasion. For those mild-weather days, pairing your platform shoes with a pair of leather pants, a T-shirt, and a suede jacket is the perfect way to get more wear out of this shoe style.

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WEAR: Minidress + Tights + Platform Heels 

Platform heels are prime for a night under a disco ball. How to pull off this shoe style on a night out? Let the shoes do the talking by keeping your styling simple. Wear a black minidress and tights so you can levitate on the dance floor. 

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WEAR: Bucket Hat + Black Dress + Faux-Fur Coat + Tights + Platform Knee-High Boots 

If you’re searching for a simple way to style platform knee-high boots, look to what you already own as inspiration. That black dress you love would look perfect with platforms, a jacket, and tights.

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WEAR: Suit + Second-Skin Top + Sweater + Platform-Heeled Boots 

Want to elevate your favorite suit? Add platform heels into the mix. Just be sure to opt for a closed-toe platform, and layer on a second-skin top and sweater to ensure the look stays work appropriate.

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WEAR: Denim Jacket + T-Shirt + Oversize Statement Trousers + Platform Heels 

Was it just us, or did your jaw drop when you spotted this outfit? It goes to show that platform heels can make any basic wardrobe piece (e.g., a denim jacket and a white T-shirt) all the more special.

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WEAR: Button-Down Shirt + Blazer + Miniskirt + Wool Coat + Platform Loafer Heels

The fashion set has been buzzing about prep-inspired things for spring, so this outfit idea is right on-trend. Platform loafers paired with a miniskirt, trench coat, and button-down? It’s an A+ plus in our grade books.

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WEAR: Matching Coat and Trousers + Contrasting Platform-Heeled Boots 

Not to sound like a broken record, but the benefit of wearing platform boots (besides the added inches) is their ability to be styled with just about anything. We recommend opting for a tonal tailored look with contrasting heels. 

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WEAR: Tulle Dress + Sheer Socks + Platform Sandals

We may not be making major plans these days, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress up. Pair that full puff-sleeve or tulle dress in the back of your closet with sheer socks and platform sandals and head out. You may only be going to the bodega, but your platform heels deserve a walk around the aisle.

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WEAR: Sheer Cardigan + Bikini Top + Maxi Skirt + Platform Sandals

Are you dreaming of far-off destinations or balmy summer nights? Then, you’ll want to bookmark this outfit because come summertime, you'll need an outfit idea as hot as the new season. Swap your platform booties for platform sandals, and style them with a maxi and cardigan to really raise the temperature on this shoe trend. 

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WEAR: Sweaterdress + Platform Heels 

For those who prefer to have an easy outfit you can throw on and go, the simplest way to style platform heels is by pairing them with your favorite sweaterdress. It will add an element of surprise to this wardrobe staple. 

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WEAR: Tweed Jacket + Shorts + Tights + Platform Heels 

Another fail-proof way to ground this oh-so-high heel trend in reality is by pairing it with classic pieces. A tweed jacket, shorts, and tights styled with platform heels strike the perfect balance between casual and formal so that you can focus on more important things (like keeping your balance).

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WEAR: Sweatshirt + Shorts + Platform Heels

If you’ve made it this far, you hopefully have come to the conclusion that platform heels can be practical and that you don’t need big plans to wear them. Heck, there’s nothing wrong with pairing them with a sweatsuit and strutting around in your living room if that’s your prerogative. No matter where or how you choose to wear these shoes, you can’t go wrong.

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