We Asked the Experts—These Are the Interior Trends to Get Behind This Year


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Taking pride in our homes has always been a thing, but never before have we taken interior design quite as seriously as we do now. With Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok giving us previously unprecedented access to the homes of our dreams, we've become increasingly inspired to make our homes a reflection of our personalities, not unlike how we approach our wardrobes. I consider anyone who finds themselves on Who What Wear a purveyor of trends, so I think it's safe to say that you're also interested in learning about the most current interior aesthetics, too. Well, rest assured you've come to the right place. 


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I've sought insight from a handful of experts to find out the interior trends for 2023 that really matter. Although each hails from different remits of the world of interiors, they share an overall outlook and consensus. "I think that much of the design trends for 2023 will be based on longevity and function, focussed less on 'what's in' and more on 'what's right for my family and my home, with lots of people looking to nature, the environmental impact of design, and the mood and atmosphere their decisions create," says interior designer and expert Toby Perryman-Payne

The trends highlighted undoubtedly have staying power; our desire to host with pride after being denied the opportunity to do so over the past few years continues in its prevalence, as does the need to make the bigger, more permanent aspects of our home trend-proof. There are, however, a myriad of ways to make your home feel current; the addition of a new sofa cushion or a well-positioned candle vessel on your mantle is enough to nod to fresh aesthetics without compromising on timelessness or having to overspend.

Continue on to discover the interior trends for 2023 that experts think you ought to know about. 

1. Pattern Clash


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"Clashing your prints is something that happens almost naturally in the spaces of those conscious of living more sustainably and resourcefully but is now being noted by larger designers and furniture manufacturers. Mixed textiles sat alongside one another, in contrasting patterns, colours and textures, gives a lovely carelessness and cosiness to any scheme—and really brings atmosphere—something that’ll be at the top of people’s agenda’s for 2023," says Perryman-Payne

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2. Curated Tablescapes


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"Creative tablescapes are a great way to add personality to a room and delight your guests. Use a playful mix of ginghams, painted dinnerware and decorative candle sticks in coloured glass to create a joyful mood perfect for entertaining, which is going to be all the more important for our customer in 2023," says Sarah O'Sullivan, home designer at John Lewis & Partners

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3. Layered Lighting


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"A trend that’ll carry into 2023 is the consideration for a layered lighting design in homes, which is much like one you’d find in a boutique hotel or country manor. From pendants, floor lamps, downlighters, table and wall, the atmosphere a carefully considered lighting strategy can create is astonishing—something I think lots of people are only starting to realise," says Perryman-Payne.

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4. Focus on Food


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"I believe that one of this year's biggest trends, food, will continue into 2023. It feels like that trend is just getting started and has so much left to give. There are many synergies and elements to explore in this area, and designers are starting to realise that more and more," says Matilda Levenborn, PR and collaborations at Wall of Art

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5. All-White Kitchens


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"There’s been a lot of talk about the return of all-white kitchens in the design industry. Much like the style of many overseas design giants, it’s looking likely that designers and their clients will favour white, neutral kitchens in 2023, finally knocking the navy/deep green kitchen trend off the top spot (although, that’s still a look I love). It’s bright, practical, and timeless and can be warmed up with brass hardware and wood accents," says Perryman-Payne.

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6. Sculptural Silhouettes


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"We've been inspired by modern retro styles this season in the living room, adding a touch of glamour to the space. Warm luxurious materials add a sophisticated feel and adding accent furniture pieces in a mix of on-trend boucle and darker woods, in interesting shapes, work well to create a harmonious scheme,” says O'Sullivan

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7. Sunset Shades


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"Sunset colour palettes will soon be taking over from the more recent green-hue reign. Think a colour palette of burnt orange and deep brown with warm, earthy undertones representing the cooler months, brightened with accents of peach, yellow and softer neutrals for spring and summer. Much inspired by the trend of living seasonally," says Perryman-Payne.

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