I Worked at a Prestigious Mag for Years, and Editors Actually Buy These 10 Items

Between the hundreds of collections shown four times a year (pre-autumn, autumn, spring and resort) and the thousands of new pieces revealed at market appointments, it’s safe to say fashion editors see a lot of clothes and accessories. Having worked at a prestigious magazine for five years, I lived the glamour of being surrounded by racks and racks of clothes newly off the runway, and had premier access to the newest trends. Influenced by new designers and existing designer relationships with the publication, my job was to tell the consumer what to buy season after season. Throughout the trend meetings, the question that would always come up? But Adrienne, what are you buying? What does the fashion editor who not only sees it all actually add to cart?


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After an extensive reflection, I’ve landed on 10 pieces fashion editors are actually putting their paychecks toward. It’s a highly curated list, as fashion editors are tough customers; they work seasons ahead, so they already know what will be out on the shop floors in six months. They know the real markup on the price tag, and along with season’s statement pieces, they devote themselves to trusted basics. An accumulation of both wardrobe staples and trend-led pieces, below is an inside look into what editors are actually buying now.

A Boxy Blazer


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An instant outfit-maker, a blazer will complete any look any season. However, it’s not just any ol' blazer—editors tend to opt for a boxier, oversized silhouette. Style tip: Pair this with a minidress or tapered trousers for a more defined silhouette.

A Suit


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A suit that’s been tailored to perfection exudes confidence. It also makes for a rather effortless decision-making process when getting dressed in the morning, because you know it will never fail you. 

A Statement Shoe


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Here’s a popular fashion style hack: Start getting dressed from the feet up. Statement shoes, whether they’re jewelled mules or quirky heels, always add a little something extra to a mundane outfit.

Everyday Jewellery


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After being an editor for five years, I basically built an everyday jewellery collection. I have about six to eight pieces I refuse to leave the house without. Admittedly, some pieces were gifted, but once my collection began to flourish, I became particular about which items held the honour of an everyday piece. They range from personalised nameplates and dainty gold chains to a variety of hoops and stackable rings.

Feel Good Denim


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We all have that one pair of jeans we wear till the bitter end. We personify them, deeming them our best friends. Editor or not, a true pair of high-waisted, straight-legged denim is a must.

A Commuter Handbag


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Believe it or not, fashion editors are somewhat realistic. Though we admire the outrageous tiny-bag trend, we also are aware of the handbag’s role: to carry your belongings from point A to point B. Ditch the canvas tote bags and invest in a fashionable commuter bag. You do have to live with it every day.

A Transseasonal Coat


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Puffers, faux furs and shearlings are not at fault here, but realistically the sole style an editor is willing to invest in time after time is the trench coat. Like the suit, it serves as a blank canvas when styling a look. Drape a sweater over the shoulders or even dare to double up on the trench.

A Fitted Frock 


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An emphasis here on fitted. There’s nothing like a dress tailored to a T. Yes, editors see thousands of dresses, but they only pull the trigger on styles that have the perfect fit.

The Season's It Boot


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Each season, I dedicate (some) of my funds to investing in new boots. I select my favourite boot trend of the season and go for it.

Trendy Handbag


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It’s unclear if it’s due to the fact that I covered the ready-to-wear market at the magazine, but my biggest spend will always be a trendy handbag. There’s no guided instructions on when to buy one—when the time is right, you’ll know.

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