These Are the 4 Pairs of Jeans I Love From Topshop's 2020 Drop

Topshop once revealed that it sells one pair of jeans every 10 seconds. Most of us will have owned a pair of the Jamie jeans at one point or another and probably tried on the spray-on skinny Jonis, but there are currently 547 results for jeans on the Topshop website. Earlier this year, the brand launched the four new shapes it's championing for 2020, which are quite handily named One, Two, Three and Four.

Denim shopping is something many of us put off for as long as we possibly can (and, considering the current situation, is something we won't be doing for a while), but back in February, I went into the Topshop changing rooms with the four new styles to give them a test run. What I was most impressed by during my try-on was the consistency of the sizing. Often, with jeans, I'll have to try lots of different waist sizes, but I tried a 28-inch waist and 32-inch leg in every pair and found no discrepancies. Luckily plenty of these styles are still in stock, so if you want to buy something other than the Jamies, keep scrolling to see and shop the new Topshop jeans.

Plus, Topshop have up to 30% off summer styles until 11th May.



(Image credit: Emma Spedding for Who What Wear)

I would never normally pick up a pair of jeans like this, as they have a really oversize leg and a tapered roll-up hem, which makes them feel quite like a statement, and I feared they'd look a little scruffy or teenage on me. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked them, however, and if you pair the jeans with a blazer, they can look smarter than I'd have thought.



(Image credit: Emma Spedding for Who What Wear)


(Image credit: Emma Spedding for Who What Wear)

When I saw these on the Topshop website, I'll admit I thought I couldn't get away with wearing them as a 30-year-old. (They are styled with chunky trainers, which isn't quite my style.) But I actually was impressed by these '90s rigid flares. The trouser leg is somewhere between a boot cut and a classic flare, and I found them really flattering when paired with simple ankle boots.



(Image credit: Emma Spedding for Who What Wear)


(Image credit: Emma Spedding for Who What Wear)

These I loved. I recently added a pair of Topshop flares to my wardrobe, and I think I might need to get these too. The high waist and fitted cut make these flares super leg-lengthening.



(Image credit: Emma Spedding for Who What Wear)


(Image credit: Emma Spedding for Who What Wear)

It's been a while since I've worn skinny jeans, but these are super tight on the legs—especially on the calves. Perfect jeans to tuck into knee-high boots or wear with this year's trending chunky track-sole boots.

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Emma Spedding