Science Says You Should Avoid Wearing This on a First Date

If you have a first date coming up, keep in mind that what you wear will play a major role in whether or not a second date happens. It's not necessarily what you wear but its color. So which colors made the cut, and which ones should you ditch?

According to a British study, men are more likely to form a long-term attachment with a woman that wears red on a first date, while women are more likely to gravitate toward a man in gray—and you can forget about showing up in yellow. Both men and women agreed that yellow and brown should be avoided if you're trying to snag a second date. Who knew color played an important role in our dating lives?

But hey, if you want to rock a mustard-yellow Vetements tee or a pair of super-long brown trousers over your heels, go for it. Great style is forever; dates will always come and go. 

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Which color do you think is the best for a first date? Tell us in the comments!

Opening Image: Le21é