9 Style Tips to Last You 'Til the End of 2014

We rounded up some of our favorite style tips and tricks of the year to hold you over until the beginning of 2015! Keep reading...

1. In the season of giant outerwear, use this one trick to look slimmer no matter how big your coat is.

2. Who doesn't want longer legs, right? These seven tricks will help you add length to your stems instantly

3. Every kind of shoes from flats to heels has the potential to be disastrously uncomfortable. These hacks will help you overcome the pain.

4. Different colors will really make your eyes pop if worn correctly. Wear these hues to bring out the beauty in yours.

5. If there's one woman whose style advice you should heed, it's Anna Wintour. Her trick to getting the most out of your wardrobe is invaluable.

6. There are certain shoe types that just look better with skinny jeans. Find out what they are!

7. Find out once and for all how to pick the handbag that is truly right for your lifestyle.

8. These four celebrity styling tricks will completely  change how you get dressed in the mornings. 

9. In terms of everyday fashion, you really only need these five items to always look stylish

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