Calling It: These 9 Items Are About to Take Over the Fashion World

Fashion week/month has many exciting facets to it, including parties and runway shows, but our favorite part has to be seeing what the editors and bloggers wear to attend each. In a way, street style shapes the way we dress almost as much as the new collections storming down the runways do. Maybe it's because seeing certain trends on real people seems more accessible, or maybe it's because the photos themselves make you want to jump out of your skin with excitement. Either way, there is no denying the power of street style and the persuasion that the women in the clothes at hand have over our wardrobes.

So far this season, to no surprise, of course, some of the world's favorite fashion bloggers dressed to impress as they graced the streets of New York, London, and Milan. Since this stylish set already has such a huge influence on how the fashion community dresses (hence the word influencers), it will come as no surprise if the items they wore the most end up blowing up in the coming months. Ahead, find out which trends and items bloggers took a liking to at fashion week because trust us when we say this roundup will be all everyone can talk about in no time at all.

Go on to find out which items are about to take over the fashion world thanks to some of the most stylish bloggers.