I Worked at Teen Vogue for 5 Years—These 2024 Trends Will Be Huge


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As a trailblazing editor in chief, Elaine Welteroth has not only reshaped the landscape of fashion but also redefined the way we perceive and engage with style. With her remarkable career and unparalleled insight into the industry, Welteroth has become a trusted voice when it comes to predicting the next big trends. We had an exciting opportunity to sit down with Welteroth to discuss her career and the exciting observations she made this fashion month about 2024 trends.


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Tell us a bit about your career working in fashion. Where did you get started, and how did you end up where you are today?

I got my start in magazines as an intern, which led to a number of different magazine jobs, from Ebony to Glamour to Teen Vogue, where I eventually worked my way up to becoming editor in chief at 29. It was an incredible time of change for the world, the industry, and the magazine. My team and I focused on evolving Teen Vogue into a platform that tackles social and political issues and really gives voice to youth activists trying to make a change in the world. We managed to do it in an intersectional way that still embraced and celebrated the joy of fashion, beauty, and personal style as forms of self-expression.

I decided to write my book More Than Enough to share lessons I learned along the way with a new generation coming up in a very different world. It's been really rewarding to build community through a book that explores themes of identity and empowerment, which really connect us all. I have continued my work as an advocate for social change, and I have gone on to work in television on shows like Project Runway, a daily talk show on CBS, and a new show on Hulu called The Conversations Project. It's been quite a journey! In some ways, I feel like I'm just getting started.

What's your favorite shopping hack as of late?

Rakuten's cash-back service is my favorite shopping hack—full stop. Why would you not want to save money while you shop? It's a no-brainer. 

How would you describe your personal style development?

I dress for my mood, so my style is always evolving. Right now, I like to jokingly say that I am in my Diane Keaton era. I just had a baby a little under a year and a half ago, so I prioritize comfort now more than ever. Day-to-day, I’m very into menswear, loose-fitting dress pants, or baggy denim cargos with oversize blazers. But I usually give it a little bit of a '90s remix with a crop top to keep it feminine and fun. Since my editor in chief days when I was in the office every day, I have always gravitated toward pieces with a bit of structure—it makes me feel strong and in charge. Whether I'm dressing up or down, I'm mindful of balancing proportions in a way that flatters my body, which is still changing post-baby. I also like to fuse high/low pieces with vintage moments that feel special.

Below, find the five trends that Welteroth predicts will take over in 2024.

1. Leather on Leather


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"I love the edgy, sleek vibe of styling leather-on-leather looks. You can layer leather garments like a leather miniskirt or leather pants with a leather trench and a simple leather button-down. It gives chic villain energy, ha. Or you can incorporate the trend with leather accessories by adding leather belts, boots, and handbags to your everyday outfits." — Welteroth

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2. Monochrome


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"Monochrome dressing is a timeless and elegant trend that provides a clean and cohesive look. It's also easy to pull off. I love it because it can be bold or understated, depending on the color choice and how it's styled. Red has been having a big moment on runways, but you can also go for a really clean and crisp aesthetic in an all-white ensemble, which always looks really polished." — Welteroth

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3. Romantic Menswear


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"The feminine-menswear trend blurs the lines between what has traditionally been considered 'masculine' and 'feminine' in fashion. It's also one of my favorite trends and has been inspiring my looks lately. I feel really powerful and stylish in a suit or anything oversize." — Welteroth

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4. Clashing Eras


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"Fashion has seen a resurgence of styles from various decades in recent years. In 2024, expect to see a continued blending of vintage and contemporary elements. I could see fashion lovers mixing pieces from the '70s, '80s, '90s, and '00s with modern clothing for trendy yet eclectic looks." — Welteroth

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5. Hot Pants


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"At NYFW, we saw really short shorts across various shows. We'll see this trend take off beyond the runway into 2024 throughout the summer and beyond." — Welteroth

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