The Coolest Way to Wear High-Waisted Jeans, According to Sofia Richie

Sofia Richie is everywhere these days. She's landing major covers, scoring cool ad campaigns, and walking the runway for big designers. As if that wasn't enough, she's consistently impressing us with her off-duty outfits, too. Now, our latest Richie obsession comes courtesy of Coveteur: The site photographed her for a new feature, and we're obsessed with the images and accompanying interview.

Richie chatted with Coveteur about her go-to outfit combo with different styles of jeans. "If you're wearing high-waisted jeans, I love a crop top and a long jacket," she told the site. "If I'm wearing old-school Levi’s that are low-waisted, I love a big hoodie." Everyone has their favorite denim looks, but we wouldn't hesitate to follow Richie's lead on this one. Head over to Coveteur to read her full interview.

Scroll down for a peek at Sofia Richie's new shoot for Coveteur!

What's your go-to combo for high-waisted jeans? Tell us in the comments below.