What to Buy for Your Dad on Black Friday

Black Friday means different things to different people. For me, it induces a pretty significant amount of anxiety and conjures thoughts of stampedes of people carrying countless shopping bags in harshly lit department stores. While this may paint a rather dramatic picture of Black Friday, it’s no less how the two words make me feel.

However, thanks to a little tool I like to call the internet, you can still get the deals from the convenience of your home. (Perhaps while watching a holiday movie with a glass of wine? Just a suggestion.)

At Who What Wear, we get emails about Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to be aware of, so using this intel, I rounded up my favorite promotions in an effort to make shopping for your dad less daunting. Because let’s be real: Dads are really hard to shop for.

Scroll down to see if my gift picks work for your dad, and let me know in the comments what you’ll be buying him this year.