(Image credit: AKM BSI)

If you’ve ever had the experience of chafing between your thighs, then you don’t need us to tell you it’s a very real—and very uncomfortable—experience. Sometimes, despite your best efforts to avoid it from happening, you might still come across it. The solution? Seamless leggings. Without the thick threading running along the inseam, you don’t have to encounter unnecessary friction during your workouts or while you’re running errands.

Jenefer Palmer, founder of skincare line OSEA, expressed that seamless leggings are key to comfort for her active lifestyle. “There’s nothing worse than hiking down to Zuma Beach with a pair of leggings that digs into your skin,” she says. Having that seam pressing into your legs can subtly rub your thighs and cause even more agitation if you’re sweaty.

Without seams digging in, these leggings will also leave you feeling smooth all day long, something Kerry O’Brien, founder, CEO, and designer of Commando, understands all too well. “Commando is all about clean lines, and our leggings are no exception. We painstakingly fit them to ensure they are totally comfortable and have eliminated any unnecessary seams or stitching,” she says.

Without a doubt, this comfortable version of the popular athleisure trend will have you bending over backward and forward without a hitch. From Downward Facing Dog to grocery runs, once you’ve worn these, you won’t want to wear anything else. Shop our favorite seamless leggings below.

Dale Arden Chong