The Scary Reasons You Should Reconsider Waist Training

With celebrities like Jessica Alba, Katy Perry and the entire Kardashian clan promoting shapewear, the industry is expected to make an estimated $680 million this year, and the newly popular waist trainers are a huge part of that. But a recent spate of articles reveals that not only are the corset-like items not very effective, they also come with some scary side effects. Below, a list of potential problem caused by overwearing the garment:

Ominous tingling: Also known as meralgia paresthetica, the condition is caused “when there is too much pressure on nerves that run through the groin,” and has been previously associated with pregnancy or rapid weight gain.

Digestion issues: Wearing a waist trainer squeezes your internal organs, which can “push acid from the stomach into the esophagus.” Those who already have reflux disease, irritable bowel syndrome or urinary incontinence are especially prone.

Skin infections: The tightness of the trainers often results in sweating, which can cause yeast infections and other skin irritations.

Shallow breathing: Because many versions compress the lungs, it’s not uncommon to experience shortness of breath while wearing a waist trainer. This could be especially problematic if you’re running around all day.

While some of these issues may only afflict to serious abusers of the garment, anyone should still proceed with caution. After all, we got rid of corsets for a reason, didn't we? And, as many doctors will attest, the most effective "waist training" happens at the gym, with the added benefit of being great for your mental health, too. 

To read more about the side effects of waist training, head over to the L.A. Times. If you prefer less restrictive undergarments like us, you'll definitely want to check these out!