I Can't Quit Buying These Shoes, so I Stopped Trying

Every year, without fail, there seems to be a shoe trend that I just can't get enough of. My latest is one that we can't stop talking about and that I can't stop buying, so I simply stopped fighting it: satin shoes. From flat sandals to sneakers to platforms to ankle boots, satin shoes (or satin anything) have arguably been the biggest trend to emerge in 2017. In my opinion, the trend's beauty lies in that, unlike many other materials, $30 satin shoes from Zara can look just as expensive as $300 options. There's just something about the sheen of satin that looks expensive, no matter what color, style, or price point they may be. So you probably understand why I'm completely addicted to them at the moment and why I keep receiving compliments on them.

The satin shoe trend came about so fast and furiously in 2017 that at this time last year, my satin shoe collection totaled zero. But as you may have inferred, that's all changed, and satin shoes have invaded my wardrobe. Sure, the thought How many satin shoes is too many? has crossed my mind more than once, but you only live once, so if you love something, just embrace it.

With that, read on to shop all the satin shoes I'd like to own right now (and a few I do own, of course).