A Complete List of Every Beauty Product Rosie HW Has Used This Summer

When it comes to beauty, few people can influence my purchases to the same extent as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Whether it's her signature dewy skin that never seems to fade, her pretty petal-hued lipstick, or her loosely-tousled hair that always looks polished without veering on try-hard, Rosie's beauty looks are some of the most consistent I've seen. This brings me to the conclusion that her product selection must also be pretty consistent to deliver the same impressive results every time. Simply put; I want to know which beauty products she uses, when she uses them, and why she uses them—which is where this story comes in. 


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Over the last few weeks, Rosie has been sharing some of her favourite beauty products with her 11.5 million Instagram followers, and I couldn’t help but notice that there are certain brands and products that make more than one appearance. So I did what any beauty obsessive would do—collated them all in one place to share with other like-minded beauty obsessives. So, if you would like to know which mascara Rosie slicks on her lashes, or which cream she uses to keep her hands soft, keep scrolling to discover all of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s summer beauty products. 



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Rosie's eye makeup is always understated and elegant, and now we finally know which mascara she hand-selects for her lashes. Cue Hourglass's latest launch; its Unlocked Instant Extensions Mascara (£29). Rosie is a long-time fan of the cruelty-free beauty brand, so it makes sense that she was one of the first to try the new, lash-lengthening (and vegan!) formula.



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Much like her wardrobe, Rosie likes to keep her nail colours neutral, with warm, sandy shades proving to be her go-to. J.Hannah's non-toxic varnishes boast muted tones, and feature heavily on Rosie's website, Rose Inc



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Much like the rest of us, Rosie can't resist the allure of Chanel beauty products. Her most-used item? The brand's iconic La Crème Main hand cream. An essential in her handbag, it's little wonder that she's been stocked up on it over the last few months, ensuring her hands remain just as soft in the warm, summer months. 



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With a penchant for matte lips in rosy hues, discovering Rosie's go-to lipstick has long been on my list of priorities. And just last week, she showcased her latest haul of Hourglass High Intensity lipsticks, her favourite shades being You Make Me and I'm Addicted



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"Fragrance is one of my favourite things to buy for myself," Rosie professes on her website, Rose Inc. "It's such a nice pick-me-up." But which scent could Rosie never be without? Just about anything from Byredo, she confesses, but particularly Slow Dance Eau de Parfum (£115), and Gypsy Water Eau de Parfum (£115). 



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During the summer months, your lips are at risk of cracking due to the rising temperatures. Rosie knows that, to keep your lips soft and supple, you need to select your lip balm carefully. Understandably she chose this vegan option from Summer Fridays, which boasts shea and murumuru (rich in vitamins and overflowing with moisturising oleic acid) butters, alongside plant waxes to deeply hydrate lips. 



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It should come as no surprise that the products Rosie uses in her shower are just as chic as those housed in her beauty bag. Her roster includes products from independent brand, Nécessaire, as well as cruelty-free options from Susanne Kaufmann and Summer Fridays



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One of the most effective ways of unwinding at the end of the day is by lighting a fragranced candle. Given the fact she's already revealed her love of Byredo perfumes, it seems only fitting that she chooses to decorate her home with the brand's candles, too. 

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