Rose Inc's Friends & Family Sale Is on—Here's What RHW Wants You to Buy First

We're pretty picky about the celebrity-owned beauty brands we choose to endorse, and cross my heart hope to die, if you see us writing about or recommending one here on WWW, you can rest assured it's *truly* great stuff. We've always been big fans of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley—regarding her fashion and beauty MOs—and we've been equally impressed with her still-relatively-new collection of beauty products ever since its launch last August. 


Courtesy of Rose Inc

Each new product from Rose Inc seems to get better and better—the formulas not only are boosted with good-for-your-skin ingredients but also feature really innovative technology. (Just read on about the brand's skin tint and moisturizer for proof.) That said, as with most things in life, high-quality products come with deservedly higher price points, so while Rose Inc's assortment of skincare and makeup products is fairly spendy, it's definitely worth the plunge.

But this is where the good news comes in: Rose Inc's Friends & Family Sale is officially on, and now through Tuesday, June 28, you can score 25% off sitewide, no code needed, and with the only exclusions being the brand's sets. If you need some inspiration as to where to start, Rosie HW herself is sharing her top five product picks below, and we're following suit with our editor-approved recs right after. Keep scrolling! The best products to shop for during Rose Inc's Friends & Family Sale are just below. 

Huntington-Whiteley's Top Product Picks

“I love this formula’s incredible color payoff and visible radiance.” — RHW

“When it comes to moisturizers, I felt like I always had to choose between something noncomedogenic that works for my skin [and] something that feels luxurious to apply. With this formula, I don’t have to choose. I get that indulgent experience and beautiful skin.” — RHW

“I love how this formula instantly plumps up the eye area, diminishes the look of fine lines, and features light-reflecting particles that have an incredible brightening effect under my makeup.” — RHW 

“I absolutely love this concealer because I’ve been able to cut foundation from my daily makeup routine. Once I buff it into my skin with a brush, my complexion looks brighter and smoother but completely bare. There’s no trace of makeup—just smooth, radiant skin.” — RHW 

“I love the flexibility of this brush. One end seamlessly buffs Softlight Concealer into the complexion but also fits beautifully under the eyes. The other end makes precision application effortless.” — RHW

The Editor Favorites

You could say skin tints have become the product to launch in 2022. That said, Rose Inc's take is one of our favorites. Ultra hydrating, it gives the skin a satisfying but still-sheer-enough hit of coverage. What's more, it's a unique formula on the market thanks to pigment spheres that are suspended within a skincare base infused with hyaluronic acid. The result? Plump, even, super-smooth skin. It's the ultimate cocktail for fresh, summer skin. 

Don't do yourself a disservice by buying the tinted serum above but forgoing this strategically angled brush. Big, BIG mistake! It was specifically designed to hug the contours of your face and flawlessly diffuse the microencapsulated pigment in the Skin Enhance Luminous Tinted Serum. Plus, it boasts cutting-edge fiber technology for A+ product pickup.

Think about all of your biggest pet peeves when it comes to lipstick—drying out your pout, unwanted transfer, fading, shades that aren't universally flattering… This creamy satin lip color does the opposite in all departments. It will keep your lips soft and hydrated for a full 24 hours, and it also adds a nice plumping effect. 

Want even more lip goodness? We're obsessed with this multitasking lip crayon that drenches lips with a stunning dose of matte color while offering the luxe conditioning perks you'd expect in a balm—think hyaluronic acid, squalane, ceramides, hemp, and vitamin E

FYI—this isn't your average moisturizer, folks. Just like Rose Inc's skin tint, it features microencapsulated technology that delivers a potent dose of hydration and actives to help your complexion return to its most zen, and natural radiant happy place. It's noncomedogenic, so it also won't clog your pores or cause breakouts. 

Anyone can use this clarifying cleanser, but it's especially great for people who deal with excess oil, visible pores, uneven skin tone and/or texture, and congested skin. Natural fruit enzymes dissolve the dead stuff sitting on your skin that dulls the complexion while a skin-boosting trifecta of ingredients like mushroom extract, squalane, and amino acids tighten, repair, and smooth. If you feel like your current cleanser is doing the least, trade it in for this one.

This alcohol-free toner is safe for daily use and utilizes multiple acids to purify, exfoliate, and brighten the skin in one fell swoop.

If you're looking for a way to be more sustainable with your makeup removal or toner application, opt for these reusable organic cotton rounds which also have natural antibacterial properties.

Take a second to Imagine your dream bronzer, and more likely than not, the description probably fits this one to a T. Ultra creamy, it effortlessly smooths over the skin and blends to perfection for a natural, sun-kissed finish that's undetectable. It's also boosted with MVP additions like tourmaline, quartz, rose oil, and vitamins C and E. 

Meet the Solar Infusion Bronzer's highlighting counterpart—it's available in five dreamy shades and helps to naturally smooth the skin all while gifting your complexion with an incandescent, not overly obvious, glow.

While the brand also has a tinted version of this brow-enriching shaping gel, I'm personally obsessed with this clear version. It's a smudge- and flake-proof formula that's also fortified with growth-encouraging heavy hitters like squalene, pea sprout, and vitamins E and B5.

Here's hoping you take Rosie's advice and add the brand's blush to your cart. If you do, make sure you also pick up this handy blush brush, which will help your blush reach its full potential. 

As someone who owns, quite literally, 50 makeup bags, I'm being 100% honest when I say this chic, faux-leather one is my absolute fave. It's so buttery soft, and I love the cream color.