Rosie HW Told Me Her Skin Totally Improved When She Did This One Thing

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's favorite beauty products of all time

The Lineup is a monthly series where we’re giving you an inside peek at the beauty lineups of cool fashion people, editors, makeup artists, hairstylists, and estheticians—all the people we trust the most. Get ready for a behind-the-scenes look at all the can’t-live-without products that make their worlds go 'round.

I can go on and on about how Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is an inspiration to me. The short of it: I admire her for being a successful businesswoman. She's not only a world-known supermodel, actress, and founder of the beauty website Rose Inc., but she's also the brand ambassador for Hourglass Cosmetics and Resorè, a new Melbourne-based bodycare brand. It should go without saying that she's also got seriously cool style (the girl can take a good mirror selfie) and the most enviable wardrobe.

But what I really love most about Huntington-Whiteley is that, despite being in the spotlight and working in an industry that expects perfection at all times, she still has a less-is-more approach to makeup and has been vocal about her own struggles with acne. It wasn't until she started modeling at the age of 16 that her beauty obsession began to flourish. It introduced her to some of the top dermatologists and estheticians, who have been educating her on the ins and outs of skincare ever since.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's favorite beauty products


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

"The biggest revelation for me was researching and learning about pore-clogging ingredients and then eradicating any products I had with them from my routine: basically, anything that touches my face, from skincare, makeup, and hair care to laundry detergents. Doing this has really helped manage my skin," says the supermodel. Of course, noncomedogenic products are only part of the answer, and Huntington-Whiteley says an easy (and free) way to also improve your skin is by drinking lots of water—she drinks up to three liters a day.

While her career has given her a string of opportunities, Huntington-Whiteley's also very aware of how toxic the industry can be. "I get to see a lot of what people have to say about personal images of me that are out in the world, like Oh my god, she's got wrinkles! And it's like, well, yeah, everyone has wrinkles and skin texture and spots," she says. "I feel like we're just so conditioned to believe that a wrinkle is deemed as something bad or shocking, and I really feel that mentality has to shift." It's something that Huntington-Whiteley has to constantly work on, but deep down, she truly believes that getting older is a privilege and everyone should embrace it in every sense.

So, I'm going to do just that: embrace aging with the help of Huntington-Whiteley's lineup of must-have skin, makeup, and hair products. Keep scrolling to see all her picks.


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's favorite makeup products



"I personally always love a palette, and Hourglass’s are just beyond beautiful. Particularly the new Sculpture palettes that have this beautiful faceted gold architectural detail on them that makes them so luxurious. This mini palette has four beautiful powders in it: a bronzer, a blush, a highlighter, and a finishing powder. They enable me to create a really luxurious evening look."

"The full-size Sculpture palette is great for day to day. I love having this palette in my handbag because it makes it easy to touch up while on the go and switch from day to night. With this and the mini palette, I can not only do my complexion but also create a really great eye look, too."

"This has been the product I’ve been most impressed with this year, which launched in January. I was in the campaign, so I got to try it a few months before it launched, and it's the most incredible concealer I’ve ever used. The formulation blows me away every time I use it. It’s got the perfect amount of coverage to it, and it leaves my skin sort of luminous but not shiny or matte. I actually haven't used foundation since using this concealer because I’m able to just use it in dabs around the face. I have it in a couple of shades and use it to sculpt and define and create dimension in my face where I want my complexion to have that sort of shadowing effect. This product is just everything, and I can’t say enough good stuff about it."

"This is divine, and I think I will be giving it to all of my beauty lover friends this Christmas. It comes with two gorgeous interchangeable colors, At Dusk and At Dawn. At Dawn is a really pretty natural—your lips but better—bare, dusty pink color. It looks so luxurious on the lips because the confession formulation is so pigmented and dense. You can do just one swipe, and you’re done. It has this thin and precise tip so you can really sculpt and define your lip line. Then At Dusk is this really rich and intense burgundy, which is lovely for the festive holiday season."


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's favorite skincare products



"This is an affordable line and designed specifically for acne-prone skin. I just love this moisturizer and use it every day. It doesn't clog pores, so I feel good about that, and it also looks really great under makeup."

"I was absolutely obsessed with this all summer. It's the most divine body oil. I love to have silky and moisturized skin, but I also don’t want to feel oily, sticky, or clammy. This just sinks in really beautifully. It leaves the skin looking really luminous and has a gorgeous orange-blossom scent. You could even almost wear it as a fragrance."

If you're really looking to invest in your skin, you should consider LED light therapy. "I have this one, which is definitely an investment, but I see great results when I use it," says Huntington-Whiteley. Her pick is a two-in-one that helps fight acne, fine lines, and wrinkles, but there are others, especially at lower price points, that can also work wonders on your skin.

We love a good face tool at Who What Wear, and this one is specifically crafted to use on delicate areas of your face, like your eyes, nose, and mouth. It helps enhance the benefits of your topical products, reduces the appearance of fine lines and scars, and helps improve the appearance of uneven skin tone and texture. "It has been a real game-changer for managing my skin," says Huntington-Whiteley.

"I’ve been loyal to IS Clinical for about seven years, and I truly love everything in the line, especially this face wash," says Huntington-Whiteley. It's a favorite among celebrities, dermatologists, facialists, and Who What Wear editors. It's a mild exfoliating cleanser and has such a lovely gel consistency, and the best part is that it can be used daily without irritating your skin. It truly works magic and can quickly transform your complexion.

Another HW-approved IS Clinical product is this serum. Made with sugar cane extract, salicylic acid, and mushroom extract, it helps with dullness, acne, uneven skin texture, fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, environmental damage, and loss of firmness. What else could you want in a serum?

Huntington-Whiteley says she recently discovered this brand, and it has completely blown her away. Ultimate A is a night serum that's meant to help regulate your skin processes with vitamin A, a stabilized retinol that addresses skin concerns without irritation.

"Vitamin B is a niacinamide serum, which is great for combatting acne-prone skin, fine lines, or pigmentation," says Rosie. It rejuvenates skin, enhances clarity, and adds a nice lit-from-within glow to your skin. It also helps with dryness and excess sebum.


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's favorite hair products



Huntington-Whiteley loves to support her people, so when her hairstylist of many years, Franco Gobbi, launched his own line, she couldn't stay away. Her current favorite product? She absolutely loves this volumizing spray. It's formulated with a blend of more than 99% natural ingredients, all of which help give lift, texture, and light hold to all hair types.

She's also impressed with this hair and body oil. We, too, are big fans of multitasking products, and this dry oil doesn't disappoint. It's made with all-natural ingredients and restores and nourishes skin and hair with regular use. "I’m just really proud of him and all the work and care he’s put into this line," says Huntington-Whiteley.

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