These DIY Patches Aren't Just Adorable--They Also Save Lives

In the fashion world, it can be a challenge to be a smart consumer. (And we don’t just mean hunting down amazing sales.) With fast fashion becoming more and more commonplace, it’s tougher to know exactly where your money is going when you make a purchase—and, more importantly, that your cash is funding something good. With her latest project, DIY queen Erica Domesek, founder of wildly successful blog P.S. I Made This, aims to do her part in making shopping a socially beneficial enterprise.

Domesek teamed up with a non-profit called Indego Africa to create a line of super-colorful patches—she created the designs, and Indego’s team of all-female artisans in Rwanda hand-crafted patches from Domesek’s designs. All proceeds and profits from the sale of the patches ($40 for a set of two) go right back to the women who embroidered them—helping give them the financial backing to start their own businesses, become breadwinners in their families, and positively impact the Rwandan economy.

“Indego Africa employs women-only artisans, and in the spirit of DIY, that struck a chord for me,” Domesek told us about her involvement in the project. “It’s not only about the art, but also they’re empowering women to be their own entrepreneurs. All the profits go back to the education and training of these women; we’re giving them sustainable jobs and actually helping someone’s life.”

Domesek understands the importance of giving shoppers more and better options when it comes to where they put their money. “I’m a consumer too, and we all have to decide where to make our purchases,” she says. “Knowing where your items come from is so important, especially if it tells a story—that’s a beautiful thing!”

Head to Indego Africa to shop the patches now, and scroll down to see our favorite pieces plus five tips on how to wear patches this summer!