How to Pack Two Weeks' Worth of Winter Clothes in One Suitcase

Packing can be a challenge this time of year. Whether you’re traveling thanks to a hiatus from work or school, you need to stay warm (without wearing the same outfit every day), and you have to fit all your heavy winter clothes into a very small suitcase. To help you out, we’ve compiled tried-and-true tips to ensure that your winter packing will be a breeze from here on out.

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Make sure that everything you pack goes together, so that you can mix and match pieces. Choose a neutral base color, like black and/or camel, and build the wardrobe for your trip around that.

Fabrics such as cashmere will keep you warm but they’re generally lightweight, so they won’t take up precious space in your bag.

Wearing your bulkiest shoes and coat on the plane (or in the car) is essential, as it will free up tons of space for other items. Carry your scarf on as well. It can double as a blanket if you get chilly en route.

As you’re packing, ask yourself if and when you’re going to wear each item. If you can’t think of at least two occasions, don’t bring it.

To avoid a packing free-for-all, make a list a few days in advance. A thorough list will keep you from forgetting essentials or packing items that you don’t need.

Packing like items in individual bags will keep them compact and your suitcase organized. Flight 001 has a wide assortment of labeled packing bags. Vacuum seal bags are also a handy space-saving tool—just reserve them for pieces that won’t easily wrinkle, such as sweaters.

Pack lightweight silk or cashmere thermal underwear (not cotton, as it traps moisture). It takes up very little room and will keep you warm, so you’ll need fewer layers. Bonus: It can double as sleepwear.

While showing off all of your best accessories is tempting, try to simplify what you bring. One medium-sized handbag in a neutral color that can transition from day to night will suffice. Stick to your everyday jewelry and add just a few special pieces for going out. Finally, try to pack no more than three or four pairs of shoes. It might seem impossible, but a pair of boots, heels, sneakers, and flats will easily see you through a couple weeks.

Planning outfits for every day of your trip might seem daunting, but it’ll save you time and space if you decide what you’re going to wear each day in advance. That way, you know exactly what to pack. Tip: Plan layered outfits for cold weather. The pieces will take up less room than bulky sweaters.

A 27 to 29-inch expandable suitcase suits a long trip perfectly. Use every ounce of available space by stuffing smaller items in pockets and shoes and rolling thinner items with heavier ones, which also prevents wrinkling.

While it takes a little advance planning, shipping gifts to your destination is necessary if you’re traveling by air.

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