The 5 Worst Packing Mistakes, From an Expert



Vacation is relaxing, but the preparation? Not so much. It's usually 10 p.m. the night before a flight when I find myself pulling jeans and underwear out of their designated drawers and throwing them into a twisted, chaotic pile in the hollow of my suitcase. Shoes squeeze in around the edges while I avoid trying to let their soles touch any clothing remotely close to the hue of white. I manage to squeeze my suitcase closed, barely, just barely. Then, as I run out the door the next morning, in a flash of genius, I remember to stuff in a charger and one last pair of socks (better safe than sorry, right?).

We can all agree that packing shouldn't have to be this scattered and stressful. So I turned to someone more knowledgeable than I am for advice on how to breeze through prepping for vacation. Anna, a professional organizing expert with Thumbtack, was the right woman for the task. Below, she tackles five major packing mistakes it's time to quit for good. Armed with her advice, gone will be the days we deal with chronic overpacking, forgetting of key essentials, and, well, the general chaos that may have come with packing in the past. So before you head out on vacation, take note (and do a little last-minute trip shopping too)!