The 7 Things New York Girls Are Wearing Now

It may not be fashion week just quite yet, but that doesn't mean that NYC girls are skimping on style. In fact, New York is packed with trendsetters putting their own spins on the must-try pieces of 2017. Part of what sets New Yorkers apart is their ability to mix casual-cool staples with statement pieces in a way that feels fresh and exciting.

But just because your current geotag may be somewhere different doesn't mean you can't take a cue or two from NYC girls. To help you master their style, we rounded up seven trends currently blowing up the streets of NYC. From the next must-have bootie to the jeans you should try (hint: They aren't skinnies), we're breaking it all down and offering some shopping too. These must-haves work on Broadway and on Houston, and we're sure they'll work at home too.

Read on to check out the seven trends NYC girls love right now, and to shop them too!

white ankle boots

New York girls may spend their days trekking through the streets of Manhattan, but that doesn't stop them from wearing pristine white boots.

statement earrings

One easy way to instantly up your outfit: Add a statement earring. For New York's trendsetters, earrings and a statement coat make for the ideal combination.

fashion sweatshirt

For the next wave of athleisure, fashionable NYC residents are swapping leggings for a cool sweatshirt styled with jeans, a skirt, or even worn under a slip dress.

logo tee

Gucci's logo tee is one of this season's standout trends, but general logo-mania is making a major comeback for New York trendsetters. 

off-the-shoulder puffer

There's no winter trend we're quite so pleased with as the puffer coat (it's so cozy), but to give it a high-fashion twist, take a cue from New York girls (and the Balenciaga runway) and shrug it off the shoulder.

raw-hem cropped jeans

While there will always be a place for skinny jeans, New York girls are mixing things up with cropped styles that feature an edgy rough hem.

Furry Coats

This comes as no surprise—winters are chilly in NYC, which means bundling up is a key to surviving. But to keep things chic, this year it's all about furry coats (especially ones with eye-catching details like bright colors or funky prints). 

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