Sorry, But Basic Leggings Don't Stand a Chance Against These 5 New Trends

new legging trends



Leggings are a forever staple we wouldn't dream of tossing, but there are tons of new styles on the rise that stand to rival those plain skinny leggings we all know and love. Nothing against them—they are closet staples, after all—but suddenly, those basic pairs are starting to feel tired in comparison to all the new legging trends springing up to take their place. No matter if you wear them exclusively for workouts or exclusively for lounging (or a mix of both), this still applies to you.

Sometimes even the smallest of details can make all the difference, be it a shrunken hemline, a flared-out leg, an updated waistline, or a non-black neutral color. And each of the below five legging trends has one small tweak that makes it a bit more exciting to wear—or, at least, makes me more enthusiastic about wearing leggings than I typically am. The fashion set has been all over them, too, which tells me that we're only going to see more of them. To see each new legging style in action and to shop the best 21 pairs on the market, just keep scrolling.

Crossover Waistbands

crossover waistband legging trend



A crisscross waistband is one detail that takes simple leggings up a notch. It brings more style to your overall look and is really the perfect update to standard black pairs.

Jazz Pants

"jazz pants" legging trend



Yep, non-skinny leggings are starting to bubble, and the flare and bootcut hems we're deeming "jazz pants" are already counting fans such as Bella Hadid.

Pedal Pushers

pedal pusher legging trend



You're only a hemline away from embracing one of the coolest legging looks I've seen in a long while. Fashion's early adopters are leaning into these capri-length leggings, or pedal pushers, as I'm fond of calling them, in lieu of ankle-length versions.

Earth Tones

earth toned legging trend



Plain black leggings are useful and all, but there's a new neutral in town. Muted earth tones such as moss, mocha, and stone are gaining a foothold, and they're actually so chic.


Another key detail to look out for when shopping is ribbing. The subtle texture adds another interesting element to leggings and is so comfy you just might turn your back on any other material.