This Trend Is Starting to Bubble, But It's Destined to Replace Skinny Leggings

Replace skinny leggings? Could the day ever really come? Well, according to the girls who are always one step ahead of the curve, it is well on its way. If you grew up dancing, you are a little too familiar with the two words I am about to type: jazz pants. Even if you didn't grow up spending your entire life inside of a dance studio, you remember those black stretchy pants that sort of flared out at the bottom. A cult-favorite brand at the time was Hard Tail (are your wheels turning?), and you could catch girls 8 to 25 wearing them with just about everything. 

I am here today to tell you that jazz pants are in fact back, and there really couldn't be a better time for a comfortable pant trend to start bubbling. Made of stretchy fabrics and soft waistbands, jazz pants are here to take away any insecurity you may have had about wearing leggings as "real" pants because this new style is basically leggings leveled up. We first started seeing leggings take on new forms with the rise of the split hem, and it is clear that jazz pants are the living proof that leggings are evolving and transforming right before our eyes. 

The slight bootcut or flared hem gives any outfit, whether it be head-to-toe athleisure or a night-out look like Bella Hadid's (below), a polished edge without forcing you to sacrifice any comfort. Ahead, go on to see how fashion girls are already wearing the rising trend, and shop dozens of jazz-pant options for yourself. 

Jazz Pant Trend


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You know when Bella Hadid is wearing something that it's bound to become the new sartorial obsession of the month (at least). These particular I.Am.Gia pants actually incorporate two of my current favorite trends—wraparound bottoms and jazz pants. 

Fashion girls are pairing all kinds of exciting things with their jazz pants including corset tops, chunky boots, and sporty hoodies. 

Talk about a look. If you were ever on the fence about wearing leggings as pants, this new bootcut and even split-hem style is meeting you right in the middle. 

Since chances are you probably aren't wearing your jeans as much anymore considering most of your time is spent indoors, throw on some jazz pants with your tanks and sneakers. 

See? There's just something about jazz pants that hits different. They elongate your legs (if that's something you want) and instantly polish up even the most basic of outfits. 

Thanks to this new pant trend, athleisure attire feels a tad fancier, and I don't know about you, but I need that right about now. 

Just showing you these Bella Hadid–approved pants one more time because they are just too chic not to. 

Jazz Pant Trend



Go for an all-black ensemble but add a pop of color via your shoes. You'll look so good no one will even know you're basically wearing extremely comfortable leggings. 

While you can certainly wear jazz pants out and about in the real world, they are also the perfect update to our highly frequented WFH wardrobe. 

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This post was originally published on an earlier date and has since been updated.