PSA: These New "Ugly" Shoes Are About to Cause a Stir

Yep, fashion girls are talking about Birkenstock shoes again. Arguably the original purveyor of "ugly" shoes, Birkenstock just released a new collaboration that has everyone buzzing anew. The brand teamed up with Berlin-based magazine 032c on an updated version of its clog shoes, and they're bound to sell out quickly. The accompanying campaign features 032c's Nunguja Kisaly and Fashion Director Marc Goehring wearing the shoes with ultra-baggy cargo pants, just in case you needed some styling ideas.

"I've worn [Birkenstock] since forever. As for all Germans, it's been part of my childhood," 032c Creative Director Maria Koch said in a statement. "Collaborating with them is an exciting step for the 032c brand." The press release adds that the shoes are "made for life on the melting terrain of the digital age, balancing the line between universal functionality and individualized form." Scroll down to see the campaign and shop the shoes.

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Opening Image: The Style Stalker