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It doesn't feel all that long ago that we were in the throes of the early aughts, a time when ultra–low rise jeans and boho slouchy bags dominated. Well, the fashion cycle has come back again and while we may not be ready to change up our denim just yet, relaxed bags are poised for a major comeback.

Whether it be an oversize carryall, or something small and dainty, there's a movement away from the ultra-structured handbags of the last few seasons toward styles that while elegant are a bit more laid-back. And while some of the styles we've seen have just the little bit of give, others are soft and slouchy through and through. Feeling ready to give this trend a go again? If you're poised to take the plunge, we've highlighted 21 slouchy handbags we love below, all for your shopping pleasure.

Read on to check them out now! 

This simple, suede hobo bag is perfect for running weekend errands.

The dual-textured look adds sophistication to the slouchy bag.

An evening look is complete with this jewel-toned velvet version.

The chain detail on the handle makes this slouchy bag sturdy and classic.

This statement tote can be dressed up or down.

Your everyday bag: It goes with anything and fits everything!

The asymmetrical, two-tone features add edge while staying casual.

Who said black and white have to be boring? This monochrome slouchy satchel is the focal point of any ensemble.

For the days you're feeling edgy, this chained black bag does the trick.

A camel-colored purse polishes even the slouchiest of bags.

Comfortable but fun! Add a pop of color with this bright bag.

The perfect bag for work: fashion-forward and practical.

A circle handle puts both a whimsical and modern twist. 

The faux-leather handbag's drawstring closure remains unique while the goes-with-anything color lends itself to everyday wearability.

Unconventional yet elegant, this bag is a showstopper.

For the on-the-run woman, who needs sensibility with style.

This Coach bag will go with everything in your closet.

A bright yellow slouchy bag can stand in for the sun on the grayest of days.

This bag's V-shaped lines add visual interest to the neutral stone color.

This no-nonsense bag can be worn anywhere from work to a night out. 

Everyone needs a bag that completely upgrades an outfit. This is that bag.

This bag defies the slouchy stereotype. Sleek, understated, and classic.

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