This Simple Gift Idea Wins So Many Points Every Time I Give It

The whole gift-giving process can be overwhelming. Some people really enjoy it, but for me, it has always caused extra stress. First off, I already don't think I'm the best gift giver out there. We all have that one person who manages to always send the most thoughtful, made-for-you presents. That's not quite me. When in doubt, I just shower my loved ones with gift cards. And really, what's so wrong with gift cards? Your friends and family can get exactly what they want with them!

But one gift idea that never seems to fail me is a good ol' nail polish gift set. No, it's not the most innovative or splashiest gift, but my friends always seem to appreciate them and text me pics of their manicures for months to come. The beauty-and-self-care hybrid lets your loved ones treat themselves to a relaxing at-home manicure or experiment with new colors or nail art. For the budget-savvy, new tools for their next at-home manicure will be a present that really comes in handy. The nail polish set has never been more relevant in these times.

To help you shop, here are a few I've bookmarked for my holiday gifting.


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