This Simple Gift Idea Wins So Many Points Every Time I Give It

The whole gift-giving process can be overwhelming. Some people really enjoy it, but for me, it has always just caused me extra stress. First off, I already don't think I'm the best gift giver out there. We have that one person in our life who manages to always send the most thoughtful, made-for-you presents. That's not quite me. When in doubt, I just shower my loved ones with gift cards. And really, what's so wrong with gift cards? Your friends and family can get exactly what they want with them!

But one gift idea that never seems to fail me is a good ole nail polish gift set. Yes, it's not the most innovative or splashiest gift, but my friends always seem to appreciate them and text me pics of their manicures for months to come. The beauty and self-care hybrid lets your loved ones treat themselves to a relaxing at-home manicure or experiment with new colors or nail art. With quarantine still happening, gifting someone new tools for their next at-home manicure will be a present that really comes in handy. The nail polish set has never been more relevant in these times.

To help you shop, here are a couple I've bookmarked for my holiday gifting.

If you haven't tried Olive and June's Poppy manicure tool, you have not had a proper at-home manicure. The patented bottle handle lets you paint your nails with precision, even if you don't have the steadiest hand. This set has everything for a manicure: the aforementioned Poppy, cuticle serum, polish remover, clean-up brush, nail buffer, clippers, file, super-glossy topcoat, and six best-selling nail colors.

This pack of mini OPI nail polishes is for your friend who loves a statement-making moment. The polishes are bold and festive, with bright red, shimmery white, iridescent purple, and glittery black options.

This one from Deborah Lippmann is all about the neutrals, with six nude and natural hues. The polishes are formulated with nourishing ingredients like evening primrose, biotin, keratin, nonychosine F, green tea extract, and aucumea. The finish is the same glossy, long-lasting one you'd get with a gel manicure.

Amy Lefevre



For the friend who loves a classic red manicure, they'll appreciate this trio of reds in different shades: a traditional one, a dark wine color, and an almost-black hue.

For darker neutrals, you'll want to pick this chocolatey-hued setup. Colors include Bean Around the World, a milk chocolate shade; Everyday I'm Truffling, a vibrant gold; Don't Be Bitter, a deep cocoa; and I'm Dairy in Love, a creamy nude.

Gel manicures at the salon are probably not an option at the moment, but Essie's holiday set is a good replacement. It comes with ivory and burgundy polishes and a top coat.

Ada Oguntodu



Polishes in blues and purples make this Zoya set perfect for the cozy holiday season and the rest of winter. There are two glitter options for an extra-festive touch or nail-art accents.

You've got a good stocking stuffer option here. The duo consists of a light-beige pink for subtle everyday wear and a glittery rose gold for when it's time to really stand out.

You might not be able to toast with your friends in person this holiday season, so what better way to cheers than with this champagne-inspired nail lacquer set? The polishes are formulated with rosehip, coconut oil, and green tea to strengthen nails.




This bold neon set is fun to experiment with—wear the colors as stand-alone solids or play around with different nail-art looks. There's also a neutral polish included. The formula is vegan and cruelty-free.

Inspired by Snow White, this JinSoon set is so whimsical. It contains three polishes: an apple red (of course), white glitter, and a pearlized white. For the adventurous, there are also nail-art stickers.

This pack of mini polishes features the hues of the season: three warm red shades and a topcoat to seal in your at-home manicure.

With nine different shades, ranging from neutrals to shimmers, these polishes from Deborah Lippmann are a complete collection that is perfect for any occasion. Each one is long-lasting, leaves a shiny finish, and nourishes nails.

You really don't have to worry about a lot more extra wrapping with this Olive and June ornament. Each one contains a polish color and a topcoat.

Gift your crystal-loving friend this polish duo for extra positive energy. Each polish is infused with crystals—one has crushed rose quartz shimmer, and the topcoat contains amethyst.

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