This Flattering Color Combo Is the Coolest Way to Do Your Nails This Season

I don't know about you, but when I think of nail M.O. for fall and winter, my mind immediately conjures moody iterations of burgundy, wine, emerald, navy, black, or heck, if I'm feeling really spirited, holiday-esque color combos like black and orange, green and red, the like. However, as "'tis the season" as these shades and pairings might be, they feel a bit expected

Now, we're fans of doing whatever you damn well please when it comes to your beauty aesthetic. But this season, we've been moved to brainstorm out of the box polish hues and lacquer combinations—which is precisely why we're talking about our current combination du jour, white and silver nails. 

Not only are the two shades universally flattering, but the minimalist pairing is also chic, polished, and very on point for the plummeting temperatures and windchill. White and silver nails feel fresh for the season, but don't look so seasonal that they appear jaded or cheesy.

Admittedly obsessed, we've been scouring the deepest depths of Instagram to find the best white and silver nails to screenshot and immediately bring to our go-to nail salon. In need of some mani inspiration? Keep scrolling! 

A geometric side-eye of silver foil is the perfect complement against shining white nails. 

A sprinkle of silver stars are whimsical and also feel on-trend for the upcoming holidays.

Minimalism at its finest—a dash of white paired with a single sparkling silver crystal. Plus, it's the absolute easiest to DIY at home. 

Glimmering silver diamonds look pretty set against a classic French mani complete with slim white tips. 

We love the drama of stacked stripes—especially when it features seasonal monochromatic shades like white, silver, grey, and black.

Want to update your almond-shaped white french in with the white and silver nail combo? Just add a rhinestone stud to the mix for a still-understated touch of sparkle.

Or use silver nail polish to try the negative spice trend with your Frenchie. (Pretty crystals optional, but encouraged!)

To try the silver and white nail trend, you don't have to go with a super opaque shade. This pearly white topped with haphazard glittering silver is stunning. 

Looking for something flashier? Silver chrome zebra nails are also very much on the table. 

Thin strips of silver iridescent foil are a great way to quickly elevate a bare white and neutral manicure.

We also love the easy-peasy idea of underlining your white French tip with a quick slash of silver.

White and silver marbled nails make a statement too. 

We can't help but want to binge-watch (or read!) Harry Potter after seeing this white and glittering silver nail situation.

We're here for a bold mix of geometric lines with the added edginess of black. Technically, this is black, white, AND silver, but it still counts towards the white and silver nails trend.

A swish of saturated silver glitter is the perfect accessory to leopard. (Or anything, really.)

Our final last five words for you and your silver and white nails inspiration? Silver foil negative space manicure.

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