The 17 Best-Selling Chanel Nail Polish Colors (That You Can Still Buy Online)

In our humble opinion, everything emblazoned with the iconic Chanel logo warrants attention—and the brand's nail polish line is no exception.

Brimming with full-bodied hues ranging from classic ruby red to kitschy mint green, there's a Chanel nail polish color for every occasion. Best of all, each shade is formulated with nourishing ceramides and bioceramides, which work to strengthen nails over time. But considering that the brand currently stocks upward of 100 colors, selecting your signature shade can be a bit daunting.

Thanks to the Chanel Beauty team and their resident nail expert, Betina Goldstein, we were able to narrow it down to the brand's 10 best-selling hues from the last five years. Below, shop the iconic Chanel nail polish colors, and heed Goldstein's advice when styling each shade.

1. Ballerina

Ballerina is one of Goldstein's favorite shades for a clean, sheer look. "It's also my go-to base color for all my negative-space nail art," she explains. 

2. Organdi

A touch darker than Ballerina, Organdi is an "opaque, soft blush nude that works well with every skin tone," she notes. 

Chanel Nail Polish Colors



3. Pirate

In Goldstein's opinion, Pirate is Chanel's classic red nail polish that will never go out of style.

4. Vamp

Perfect for the fall and winter months, Vamp is a "burgundy red with hints of silver shimmer." 

5. Camelia

Camelia is a "medium-dark, vibrant raspberry pink with subtle cool undertones," she explains. "I love pairing this vibrant pink with a true red, like Pirate or Rouge Puissant." 

6. Rouge Puissant

Rouge Puissant, which is French for "powerful red," is a bright, medium-deep red that actually intensifies under dim lighting. "It's a perfect day-to-night polish," notes Goldstein. "It's playful enough for daytime and sophisticated for evening." 

7. New Dawn

Goldstein describes New Dawn as a muted beige with hints of dusty-rose undertones. "I love pairing this polish with Chanel Nail Color in Monochrome for a tonal multicolored manicure," she suggests. 

8. Particulière

Goldstein loves this perfectly balanced, deep taupe shade, and so do Chanel shoppers—the hue has 4.9 out of five stars on the brand's website. 

9. Gitane

Gitane is a go-to shade for Goldstein throughout the spring and summer months. "It's a great vibrant red with orange undertones," she explains. "It's the perfect way to add a pop of color." 

10. Rouge Noir

"This classic obscure Bordeaux is chic but edgy," she notes. "The light brings out shades of deep red and purple, but it intensifies to an almost black color in dimmer lighting."

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11. Beige Cendré

This unique, beige-gray shade has just a hint of brown, and we're here for it.

12. Solar

Solar is a rich, warm, and shimmery shade. It's a unique toasty hue that's so much better than your average brown.

13. Cruise

If this peachy shade doesn't actually make you want to go on a tropical cruise, we don't know what will.

14. Rhythm

For a deep, mysterious shade, we love Chanel's royal-blue hue.

15. Canotier

Celebration vibes, anyone? We'd find an excuse to wear this shimmery gold shade on any occasion, though, TBH.

16. Interdit

Deep burgundy is always one of our go-to winter nail shades. This version just hits different—it's the perfect blend of dark purple and red. 

17. Blanc White

White can be a tricky nail color, but this pearly, neutral hue adds a hint of elegance if you're going for a subtler look.

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