15 Gifts for Your Family Members With Impeccably Good Taste

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Gift-giving is a love language. Sometimes I know exactly what to give, but I always have a select few family members for whom gift-shopping is challenging, only because they have impeccably good taste. What am I supposed to get people who a) love to shop for themselves and b) have carefully curated aesthetics despite being laidback? It's enough to make the most seasoned shopper, like myself, spiral.

So in an effort to conserve my sanity this year, I asked five Who What Wear staffers, who have flawless taste, to share the gifts they're most excited to give to those who matter most. You won't find any generic items here, just pieces that will stand the test of time, like a Cartier watch or cashmere blanket, and anyone would be thrilled to wear or use for years to come. Keep scrolling for our holiday gift guide that's full of ideas that are personal and so very stylish.


"I married my husband this year, so this will be our first holiday season celebrating as a married couple. It will be a very special time for us, so I want to gift him items that are personal, thoughtful, timeless, and fashion-forward. (He's getting more and more into style these days.)"


"My 95-year-old grandmother is truly the apple of my eye, and I know I speak for my entire family when I say that we consider each new day we get with her a gift. The least I could do for her is give her a little something special this holiday season to show her how much I love her. Jewelry and makeup just so happen to be some of her favorite things, so that’s exactly what she will be getting."


"My mom is my best friend, but I swear every year it gets harder and harder to find something to get for her. She always claims she doesn’t want anything, but she deserves the world! This year has been so crazy, so I want to get her something extra-special for being my rock through all of it. She has a chic, understated style and always gravitates toward timeless items, so I know she’ll appreciate these pieces."


"My daughter, Sophie, is only a year old, but every time I shop for myself, I keep her in mind. As she grows up, I want to teach her that classic style will always prevail and timeless pieces are always good additions to your wardrobe. I want to give her a head start with these favorites of mine from Cartier."


"My dad has always been incredibly supportive throughout my life, but he's been my rock the past two years since my mom passed away. He always puts others first, and I've been seeing it first hand every single day since we're currently living together as well. I want to treat him to something special, and a bit luxurious, that I know he would never get himself."


If you like the stationery featured in the story, it's available for purchase at Cartier (and the perfect touch to your holiday gifts this year).

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