If Your Friend Is Constantly Sending You Nail Art Pics, They Need These OPI Sets

There are few things I love being gifted with more than nail polish. Unlike most things in life, too much nail polish is only barely enough. As someone who loves painting their nails, I’m always happy to welcome a new shade to my collection. Sure, I might already have red nail polish, but do I have the perfect red to wear for that occasion where I need a blue-toned scarlet with a hint of gold shimmer? Probably not.



Nail polish sets are the perfect holiday gift because they’re small, practical, and won’t break the bank. With its stellar packaging and dreamy combinations, no one does nail polish sets quite like OPI. I’ve gone ahead and rounded up the best OPI sets for everyone in your life, whether they already own a nail salon’s worth of polish or occasionally put on a coat of nude. Trust me—there’s a set that’s right for everyone.

For the nail polish fanatic:

No, it's not impossible to buy nail polish for the friend who already has enough polish to start their own nail salon. This set is filled with colors that are quintessential for this holiday season.

For the friend who wants to grow their collection with classic colors:

The best part about this 10-piece set is that it covers all the bases. There are nudes, pinks, reds, and a few more fun colors that can easily become staples too. 

For the art teacher:

Or just your friend with the best earring collection who likes to play with color. 

For the practical friend:

It doesn't get much more pragmatic than a base coat, topcoat, and universal neutral. Whether your friend works a high-powered job or just knows how important it is to be sensible, this set will fit the bill. 

For the outdoorsy friend:

Not only are the colors gorgeous, but OPI's Nature Strong collection is the brand's foray into natural-origin vegan nail lacquer. Give it to your friend who loves dogs and has a crystal collection. 

For the friend who's had New Year's plans since September:

Though it may be simple, this set screams glamour, so it's only fitting to give it to the most glamorous person in your life. 

For the group sommelier: 

Give these wine-inspired colors to the friend who won't stop correcting you when you call skin-contact wine "orange wine." 

For the friend who wants their Legally Blonde moment:

In the words of notable nail polish lover Elle Woods, "whoever said orange is the new pink is seriously disturbed." 

For the New Yorker:

A color inspired by the Big Apple itself is the perfect gift for your city-dwelling friend. 

For the friend who always regrets their gel mani:

As a person who loves getting a gel manicure until it's 9 p.m. on a Tuesday and I desperately want to take it off, I think this gift is genius. 

For the friend who loves classic nail colors:

Your friend knows that the only two nail colors they'll ever need are blue-toned red and light pink. 

For the friend who loves a good basic:

No matter what, you can't go wrong by gifting with a base coat and a topcoat. OPI's are long-wearing, chip-resistant, and won't bubble.

For the friend who won't let you drink red wine in their living room:

Made for neutral lovers, this set will complement your friend's spotless white couch. 

For the friend who's always complaining about traffic on the 405:

These colors are perfect for the friend who always has an iced coffee in hand, is booked for SoulCycle tomorrow morning, and frequents Erewhon. 

For the friend who keeps a scrapbook:

Your friend is constantly memorializing everything, so get them a set of nail polish in 2021's Pantone colors of the year so they can remember the very strange year it's been. 

For the friend whose gift needs a finishing touch:

You already have the perfect gift for this person; you just need that perfect finishing touch. This nail polish ornament is just what you've been looking for. 

For the friend with a collection of Susan Alexandra bags:

This set will go with your friend's cherry earrings. 

For the friend who grew up reading Eloise books:

It doesn't get much more classic than a set of sheer pink polishes. Each of these colors wouldn't be out of place at high tea at the Plaza hotel. 

For the friend who knows how to throw a really good party: