It's Official: These Are the 7 Most Popular Designer Bracelets


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Generally speaking, jewelry never really goes out of style. Sure, there are some trends that come and go for a short amount of time, but they always seem to make their way back to the forefront of our personal collections. (Hoop earrings, we're looking at you.) And considering the timeless quality of your baubles, you have all the more reason to invest in luxury pieces, such as the most popular designer bracelets.

Whether it's the iconic Cartier Love you've seen on everyone from your favorite style star to the coolest It girl or the Tiffany T bracelet, there's something about wearing a bracelet so instantly recognizable that feels, well, chic. And when you buy yourself a bracelet from one of these brands, you know it'll be a staple in your collection for years on end. If you're ready to add a touch of luxury to your everyday accessories look, scroll down to see the most popular designer bracelets every fashion lover has their eye on.

1. Cartier Love


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Since its inception in 1847, Cartier has been renowned for its exquisite jewelry and timepieces. Known for championing craftsmanship and the highest quality materials, many items from Cartier lend themselves to be excellent long-term investments. But if you were to choose just one piece of jewelry to invest in from this luxury French label, it would have to be the Love Bracelet. Featuring a signature screw motif mean to represent the everlasting bond of love, this bracelet has become synonymous with the legacy of Cartier. It's a designer bracelet that any jewelry lover would love to have in their collection.

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2. Celine Knot


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Celine is a French luxury fashion house founded in 1945 by Céline Vipiana. While initially known for ready-to-wear fashion, the brand has expanded its offerings to include sought-after jewelry. One of the most coveted items includes the coveted Celine knot bracelet. Characterized by its thin silhouette with a simple knot in the center, its timeless design has cemented the style as an excellent long-term investment due to its enduring appeal. 

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3. David Yurman Cable Cuff


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Founded in 1980, David Yurman is a renowned American luxury jewelry brand known for its commitment to artistry and innovation. While the brand offers an array of investment-worthy jewelry, its most noteworthy piece is the Cable Cuff. Featuring the brand's distinctive cable-inspired shape crafted from silver and gold, the style has become a must-have among jewelry collectors who love sculptural items. 

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4. Hermès Bracelet


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You're likely already aware of Hermès, but you might not know that the brand was founded in 1837 by Thierry Hermès as a house specializing in harnesses and saddlery for horses. Over the years, it expanded into various luxury goods, many of which have become some of the most sought-after luxury items in the world. While its handbags have become a symbol of luxury, they're not the only items worth investing in from the brand. Hermès's high-end jewelry, including the Hermès H Cuff, is just as noteworthy as any other accessory from this French house. Made from high-quality materials such as precious metals or exotic leathers and adorned with the brand's logo, this bracelet has become an enduring example of the brand's commitment to craftsmanship. 

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5. Louis Vuitton Essential V


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Since its founding in 1854, Louis Vuitton has been illustrious for its iconic travel trunks and handbags. But the French house's luxury goods offering doesn't stop at bags, as the brand has expanded over the years into various product lines, including jewelry. While there are many jewelry pieces from the label that have reached cult status, none are as popular as the Essential V Bracelet. With a distinctive v-shaped charm adorned on a dainty chain, the style nods to the brand's iconic LV logo, without being over-the-top making it the perfect purchase for shoppers looking for a more minimal designer bracelet.

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6. Tiffany T


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Can you even round up the best designer jewelry brands without mentioning Tiffany & Co.? Ever since its founding in 1837, the New York-based luxury house has been the destination for the style set to shop for designer jewelry. While some of its most popular pieces include the Heart Tag necklace, its bracelets are not to be passed over—specifically, the Tiffany T Square Bracelet. The style is instantly recognizable because of it's distinct clean lines, making it worthy of a spot in your jewelry box.

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7. Chanel CC Chain Bracelet


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Founded by Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel in 1909, the house has become known for its revolutionary ready-to-wear collections. Many may know this French fashion house for its enduringly popular tweed suit sets or classic flap bags, but we'd be remiss if we did not discuss the jewelry. Much like other pieces from the luxury label, the Chanel CC Chain Bracelet has become iconic in its own right. Characterized by its chunky chain with an interlocking double-C logo charm, the bracelet's easily recognizable silhouette has become synonymous with the brand's legacy. And in turn, it's made it one of the most sought-after jewelry pieces among the fashion set. 

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