SOS: All This Louis Vuitton Luggage Is Basically 50% Off

Buying a piece, let alone an entire set, of Louis Vuitton luggage is guaranteed to be quite the investment. A handbag from the timeless luxury brand is one thing, but when you triple the size of that handbag to suitcase size, you're basically tripling the price as well. If you're like me (hesitant to pull the trigger) but have been eyeing that LV duffle for years, we have some news we think you're going to like. 

Surely, you've heard of and shopped at The Real Real, a luxury resale site for designer goods. The Real Real is a place we come to discover discounted shoes, ready-to-wear-pieces, and more right from the comfort of our own homes. Well, we recently discovered that some of the Louis Vuitton luggage currently for sale on the site is essentially 50% off of the estimated original retail price. You heard me—50%! If there was ever a time to pull the trigger on one of these beauties, it would be now. If the pre-used aspect of the purchase is deterring you in any way, let me assure you that as an avid The Real Real shopper, this is one place that guarantees the utmost quality and speaks to any imperfections on the product before you purchase. 

Ahead, shop 20 of the most stunning pieces of Louis Vuitton luggage currently available on The Real Real that are all basically 50% off. I don't know about you, but I have a feeling this might be the day I finally own my very own LV set. 

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