Tiffany & Co.'s Most Popular Engagement Ring Is so Classically Beautiful


Tiffany & Co.

Just like any other trend, engagement ring styles come and go. Despite the fact that unique engagement rings are becoming more popular, and coloured diamonds are on the rise, we aren’t surprised that Tiffany and Co.’s most popular engagement ring this year is truly timeless. 

The Tiffany & Co.'s sales director, Bill Nolan, shared that this year’s top-selling Tiffany Setting ring "has remained steadily in demand for over 130 years." And with it’s simple elegance, and stunning shine, we can see why.

Each ring is specifically built around the diamond, meaning that the stone is exquisitely showcased. Not only is the setting expertly crafted, but the selection process for diamonds is a rigorous process as well. "We audition many gemstones but very few of them make it to a Tiffany piece." Nolan shares, "I’m proud to say that our parameters for selecting diamonds far exceed those established by the industry."

Based around the classical concept that there is beauty in symmetry, one look at a Tiffany & Co. ring definitely confirms that no matter which trends come and go, a classic really is forever. If you're on the hunt for a perfect ring, we've curated some of our favourite cuts below.