The Ankle Boot Style That's Not Selling Anymore


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As we pointed out last week, the end of the year calls for reflection, reminiscing on the highs and lows of the last 12 months. In fashion terms, that means looking back on the trends that flunked, the new It brands we learned about, and the wardrobe basics everyone purchased throughout the year. Today we’re adding to the list and sharing the top 10 ankle boots bought by our readers and pointing out the one style that did not make the list. Take a quick scroll below, and you’ll notice the theme among the most popular ankle boots of the year is pointed-toe boots. Each style lends a polished and classic vibe through sleek silhouettes and materials.

Round-toe boots earn the style you won’t see on our "most popular" list this year. Thanks to the data from our in-house affiliates team, we learned no one is buying round-toe ankle boots anymore. Instead, they are shopping the below boots in order from the tenth slot to the number one slot. See which brand won as the top-selling shoe brand among Who What Wear readers below.











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