11 Trends Fashion Insiders Refuse to Wear Anymore

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Like plants, animals, stars, and even the leftovers in your fridge, trends have a life cycle. They burst onto the scene and climb their way up the popularity bell curve, only to eventually peak and fade away as the new must-have comes around. Try as we might to hold on tight to certain favorites (there's a reason skinny jeans have lingered around so long), most styles hit their apex and eventually get retired. But with the clipping speed of fashion, what are the styles rising and fading right now?

We tapped a few of our favorite women in fashion to reveal their picks for the coming months. The women below offered up the pieces they're done with, along with what they're adding to their closets instead. (And just remember, these are personal picks, so if you love something they don't, that's okay—wear it anyway!) Armed with their ideas, you'll know exactly how to adjust your wardrobe for the coming months. Curious to see what made the cut? Keep scrolling.

Valerie Macaulay

OVER Furry Slides

"I'm sad to say it, but I think I'm over furry slides. No one loves comfortable flats more than I do, but I need a break from furry feet."

INTO Green

"Excited for all the green I'm going to wear this year, although I never needed Pantone to tell me to. It's always been my favorite color."

Wendy Wen

OVER Low-Slung Bottoms

"Nowadays I'm totally over the low-rise jeans—I find that they're just not flattering."

INTO Practical Bags

"[I'm] super excited for convertible backpacks!"

Misha Nonoo

OVER Too-Seasonal Trends

"I'm over trends that are seasonal and too specific. I look for clothes that can take me from day to play, wherever I travel and for every occasion. Every piece in my wardrobe has to be seasonless and versatile in order to earn a place in my closet."

INTO All White

"One trend I'm keen on this season is an all-white look. I love that wearing white is no longer confined to warm-weather dressing."

Lisa Mayock

OVER Too Sleek

"Clean and 'tasteful' looks from head to toe. Having one jarring or weird element feels more new to me. Personality and humor are key!"

INTO Mismatched Earrings

"I'm loving big mismatched earrings with our Erotic sweatshirt and dressy pants. That's basically my uniform."

Lyndsey Butler

OVER Too-Stretchy Denim

"I'm definitely over stretchy denim. I love a high-waisted fitted jean; I just prefer them not to have stretch so you have to really work to get in there!"

INTO Patent Leather Everything

"I'm really into patent-leather everything, especially pants and skirts. I'm a sucker for 'party pants' and shiny things."

Molly Howard

OVER Oversize Sweatshirts

"Oversize sweatshirts with obscure statements—especially when worn as a dress."

INTO Personalization

OVER Leggings as Pants

"Liquid leggings as pants—keep a little to the imagination, and if you're going to do it, make sure to avoid underwear lines!"

INTO Socks With Sandals

Elyse Walker

OVER Fringe

"I absolutely love fringe, but the trend became so inundated in the market over the past few years, and it's time for a small break."

INTO South American Influence

"I'm loving all of the South American influence in the designer fashion world. Johanna Ortiz is one of my absolute favorites! The styles are colorful, playful, and super exciting."

Indré Rockefeller

OVER Cats on Clothing

"Cats in any form on clothing and accessories. I was never into the concept in the first place, so all the more reason to be over it now."

INTO Activism

"I hope it's not just a trend, but informed activism and civic engagement are manifesting themselves in various forms in fashion, and I hope it's here to stay."

Meredith Melling

OVER Shrugged-Off Jackets

"The intentionally falling off coat."

INTO Message Tees

"Time to be loud and stand up for what you stand for!"

Cher Coulter

OVER Chokers

"I designed a great one for JewelMint about six years ago that Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wore to a Transformers premiere, and I loved how '70s it felt. Now they can be bought everywhere for any price. They're over."

INTO Frills

"Frills! I love frills and pretty fabrics, so I can't wait."

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