9 Secrets to Making Your Outfit Look Expensive

Is it just us, or has fashion become exorbitantly expensive in recent years? It’s practically impossible to find a good pair of boots for under $300, and even classic closet staples like white tees and blue jeans have spiked dramatically in cost. Oh, and don’t even get us started on designer goods. The current going rate for an it item (like a Gucci purse, perhaps) is well into the thousands. Of course, you can go the fast-fashion route and stock up at spots like Zara, but we prefer to have a balanced wardrobe.

That’s where a few helpful tips come into play. Even if you don’t have an enviable checking account, there are still routes to looking like a million bucks (sorry, we couldn’t resist). Whether it’s choosing items in elevated colors or scouring sites for sophisticated silhouettes, the ideas below should help to make your outfit (and all your future outfits) look a bit more expensive.

See below for a few of our tips, and if you have any secrets up your sleeve, be sure to share them with us in the comments.