5 Status Symbols of the Fashion Elite

When you look at street style photos long enough, trends start to emerge, whether or not you’re even hunting for them. We’ve been spotting a lot of the world’s biggest editors, models, bloggers, and more wearing a small number of pieces over and over—not to their discredit, because these pieces are reserved only for fashion’s most elite.

Each of these pieces is very different from the next, but they all have two things in common: They’re very stylish and very expensive. Fendi’s trendy fur bag bugs, for example, can be seen on everyone from Vogue Japan’s editor-at-large Anna Dello Russo to street style maven Helena Bordon. They also happen to run upwards of $800 a pop—no small fee when you consider it’s not a bag, but an accessory for your bag.

Well, we’ve got a solution to this dilemma, and some advice on how to get your paws on these status symbols without spending a fortune. Keep scrolling to find out how to score the big five modern fashion status symbols without going into debt!

The Chloé Drew Satchel


Man Repeller

Chloé is a heritage brand whose accessories, clothing, and shoes have been admired and lusted after for years and years, and the Parisian house continues to prove its relevance by producing pieces reached for by bloggers and editors alike. This season, their U-shaped Drew satchel is the must-have bag everyone is wearing.

Price of a Chloé Drew Satchel: $1,560

The Fendi Bag Bug


Style Du Monde

We have to admit: The fur-laden mini monsters that dangle off the bag of every street style star from New York to Paris are beyond adorable. They each have their own little personality—but we, of course, are partial to the one in the shape of a mini Karl Lagerfeld.

Price of a Fendi Bag Bug: $800

The Maison Michele Hat



These wide-brimmed hats with the initial “M” embroidered on them have been a huge hit among the stylish set this season. We spotted tons of the Paris-produced toppers around the various Fashion Weeks, and those ladies whose names start with the letter might find them particularly enticing—like yours truly.

Price of a Maison Michel Hat: $440

The Stella McCartney Platform Brogue


Le 21ème

These ‘70s-inspired shoes mix the over-the-top height central to that decade with the more modern, crisp, and menswear-inspired aesthetic that’s like catnip for street style stars. The heels reach up to as much as 3.5 inches tall, and we’ve seen people styling them a number of creative ways, like model Coco Rocha, pictured, who wore them with a vibrant pantsuit from McCartney.

Price of Stella McCartney Platform Brogue: $995

The Burberry Poncho


Style Du Monde

The Burberry Poncho

As we’ve already seen, every celebrity from Olivia Palermo to SJP is rocking the colourful Burberry poncho that walked the runway during the F/W 14 season. There’s something very alluring about the oversized piece, which is somehow equal parts cosy-looking and chic.

Price of Burberry Poncho: $1,395

River Island Grey Plaid Check Blanket Coat ($70)

Which fashion status symbols are YOU into at the moment? Tell us in the comments below!