4 Women Who Lost Their Sense of Style—and How They Got It Back

It started with a simple request to our readers: "I'm looking for people who've reevaluated how they dress following a major life event."

We talk about personal style a lot around here. The silhouettes that are trending across the internet, the daring women who make us internally shout, I want to be her, and the grand conversations about where the fashion industry as a whole is moving—they're all factors that affect what we wear when we face the world. But frankly, it's hard to forget that the operative word in personal style is "personal". This prompted my original question.

Even for someone like me who engages in conversations about fashion daily and finds joy in communicating through clothing, there can be days when I would much rather wear my sweatpants than step out in heels. There have even been years when I was convinced I had to dress a certain way for my body before ultimately deciding to listen to my gut over unsolicited advice. In retrospect, I think feeling a little lost in our sense of style can sometimes lead us to a happier place, which is why I find the stories ahead so inspiring.

Be it cross-continental relocation or the deepest of heartbreak, the below stories were shared by brave women. They're profound and, perhaps for a few, relatable. What's more is that they also simultaneously led these women on lost-then-found—or at least, currently seeking—journies to reclaim their personal style.

Have a story of your own to share? We'd love to hear from you too.