23 Pairs of Leggings That Look Just Like Trousers

Best leggings to wear as pants


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For obvious reasons, leggings are a wardrobe staple that none of us plan to part with anytime soon. We love wearing comfy leggings for errands, workouts, long road trips… you name it. But if you're hopelessly devoted to them, you'd prefer to wear them for a wider variety of occasions, right? Well, good news. We searched the depths of the internet for leggings that look just like trousers. They truly make wearing leggings as pants okay, and that's saying a lot.

In our trouser-like legging research, we were pleased to find that brands have clearly responded to the demands of shoppers wanting leggings they can wear anywhere and everywhere. For example, there are checked leggings from Zara and H&M for work, leather leggings from J Brand and Helmut Lang for date night, and 19 more options for everything in between. Read on to shop 23 cool pairs of leggings that we promise look just like trousers.

We'd gladly add these into our work outfit rotation. 

Don't you love how cool these look with simple sandals?

Pair these with other soft neutrals for a cozy cold-weather look.

As you can see, these look very flattering with sock boots.

People rave about these affordable faux-leather pants.

Hurry—your fall work wardrobe needs these.

Looks like jean-ish is a thing, and we approve.

We find these to be the perfect addition to any fall wardrobe.

According to J.Crew, these navy pants are "basically like a fancy pair of leggings you can wear any day, Monday through Sunday."

The front seams make these incredibly flattering.

These cool leather leggings are a celeb favorite for a reason.

In the words of the brand, "suitable for late nights, early mornings and everything in between."

Up next, check out the leggings that are sure to lift your butt just how you want it.

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