I Went to Miami and Came Back a Legging Trend Expert

When fashion historians look back at this decade down the road, one thing will be very clear: Athleisure was the defining trend. No one thinks twice about wearing leggings as pants anymore, and women are constantly on the hunt for outfit ideas for their leggings, the best and worst shoes to wear with leggings, and the latest brands and trends to invest in. Which brings me to my recent travels to Miami for the first-ever annual Activewear Fashion Week. Organized by Funkshion, the production company behind Miami Swim Fashion Week, The Retreat Miami featured presentations by some of the top activewear designers in the industry of their upcoming collections, panel discussions about the state of the industry, and fitness classes.

Now that you know what my four days in Miami entailed, you can see why I returned from the event with a newfound wisdom of the legging trends to come. Because just as with any other type of clothing, shoe, or accessory, the designers dictate the trends based on what women are buying and wearing, where the general state of the athleisure industry is headed, and, of course, their own creative visions. White leggings, matching sets, jumpsuits, sweatpant-legging hybrids, and high-tech, elevated prints were a few of the trends that I saw over and over again, and it's my duty to give you my best insider info as to where athleisure is headed next. With the designers of Heroine Sport, Aviator Nation, Beyond Yoga, Luli Fit, Michi, Monday Active, Shape Activewear, and Ultracor at my disposal, I went straight to the source and asked them what the next big legging trends will be.

Read on to get the scoop on the latest legging trends, get a glimpse into the inaugural Activewear Fashion Week, and shop leggings from the eight brands you'll want on your radar.

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This press trip was sponsored by The Retreat Miami. Editors' opinions are their own.