Céline Dion Has an "Image Architect"—Oh What, You Don't?


Courtesy Law Roach

You may not be familiar with the term "image architect," but know this: Law Roach already has it trademarked. At a time when there are countless talented celebrity stylists, Roach is steadfast in his approach, taking on new clients—not to dress them in the latest buzzy runway look from the Paris runways—but to look beyond fashion and develop a deeper connection.

He may dress celebrities like Céline Dion and Zendaya both on and off the red carpet, but for Roach, it's not about just being a stylist in the most narrow sense of the word. "It has never been about picking the prettiest dress," Roach says. "What I do is really similar to what an architect does. They're hired on a project either to build it from scratch, or to come in and make changes structurally. That's where the term came from."

In an age where social media and a 24/7 news cycle create an increasingly intimate relationship between celebrities and fans, it's no longer enough to dress for events and switch to sweatpants on the weekends. Stars turn to Roach to help build a narrative, to create a cohesive story that connects who they are and what they wear. He challenges them to push boundaries while still staying true to their personal aesthetic. With a new client, the process starts organically, he explains: "We sit down and we survey this person and look at every single thing they've ever worn. We dig down to the core of who the client is."

He adds, "I am not a fashion expert at all. Fashion is a multibillion-dollar business that I only know a small percentage of. Fashion can be learned, fashion is trendy, and it can be followed. But style is a calling card. It's art. I figure out what story my clients want to tell, and I try to help them tell it." Roach is drawing the blueprints, setting the foundations, and building the legacy of how we define Hollywood style in the internet age.