8 Controversial Trends That Are Just Basics to Kim Kardashian

There's no going around it—Kim Kardashian West is a modern-day style icon and risk-taker. Every time she appears on a red carpet, she wins the imaginary award for "most talked-about outfit." For proof, we need only look back to her Met Gala outfit. Her skintight, wet-look dress looked otherworldly. Then, there was the vintage Thierry Mugler dress that she wore to the Met Gala after-party, which was equally as daring (if not more so, seeing as there was a blue-and-silver tinsel wig involved). The point is that no matter if people love or hate her fashion choices, they're still talking about them. That is a true sign of a trendsetter.

Clearly, Kim isn't one to shy away from a divisive fashion moment. In fact, she embraces it by taking some of the most controversial trends and turning them into her wardrobe basics. Keep scrolling to see the eight trends we're talking about, but be warned: Doing so might inspire you to take a few fashion risks of your own.

1. Flip-Flop Heels

Kim Kardashian West wearing flip-flop heels



Flip-flop heels are one of the most controversial trends of the moment. Some people love their hybrid design, while others find them, well, off-putting. Kardashian West belongs to the former category since she wears them consistently. It kind of makes sense. After all, flip-flop heels look retro and edgy, which are two words you could use to describe her style as a whole.

Shop the exact brand that Kim wears, which is (no surprise here) Yeezy.

These bright-orange flip-flop heels are bold and modern with sporty stitching and a thick strap. 

2. Bermuda Shorts

How to Wear Bermuda Shorts


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Bermuda shorts—you either love them or you hate them. Kim makes them work for her by pairing them with other similarly casual pieces, such as T-shirts, tanks tops, bodysuits, and bomber jackets. 

The distressed hem on this pair of light-wash shorts is effortlessly cool. 

These black Bermuda shorts look just like the ones Kim has been spotted wearing.

3. Bike Shorts

Kim Kardashian


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Bike shorts have been embraced by many celebrities, influencers, and editors, but we must not forget how controversial they were when they first came back into style. Kim was one of the first A-listers to adopt the '80s-inspired item. In fact, we think she played a big role in bringing them back into mainstream style. 

The best thing about this trend is that you don't have to break the bank to get in on it.

We also think Kim would appreciate the mesh paneling on these bike shorts.

4. Sheer Tops

Kim Kardashian Wearing a Sheer Top and Camo-Print Shorts


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Kim Kardashian West is known for showing and embracing her body, whether that's on social media, in magazines, or otherwise. Here, she's pictured out and about in NYC wearing a sheer black tank top (or is that a bodysuit?) with a pair of camouflage Bermuda shorts.

This mesh tank top is perfect for wearing all summer long.

The perfect mesh bodysuit does indeed exist.

5. Lingerie Tops

Kim Kardashian West Wearing a Lingerie Top


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Wearing lingerie as clothing is nothing new (perhaps it started back in the '90s when slip dresses became the new norm), but Kim is a particularly big proponent of the trend. She's worn bras and teddies in lieu of more traditional tops multiple times over the past few years. Often, she'll layer a blazer or some other type of overcoat on top for more coverage. 

This lace bodysuit would look great when worn under a black blazer on a night out.

If Kim regularly shopped at H&M, we're sure she would purchase this lacy bodysuit.

6. Allover Print

Kim Kardashian West Wearing Animal Print


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Many people would argue that bold prints—especially animal print—look best when worn in moderation. Kim Kardashian West is not one of these people. Take this showstopping outfit as proof. She's not afraid to fully embrace a print and wear it from top to bottom.

Channel Kim K.'s snake-print set with this crop top–and-skirt pairing from Reformation.

This leopard-print silk camisole from Anine Bing has a matching Silk Skirt ($299).

7. Latex Clothing

Kim Kardashian Clothing


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Kim and latex clothing go together like peanut butter and jelly, chocolate and strawberries, or any other classic pairing for that matter. She's been wearing latex (particularly minidresses) for years, but that hasn't made the trend any less divisive among the fashion elite. 

Wearing vinyl, leather, and faux leather are all easy and approachable ways to replicate Kim K.'s full latex outfits. We like this PVC dress, which has a Kim-approved sheen to it.

In case you'd like to, quite closely, emulate Kim's look.

8. Rectangle Sunglasses

Kim Kardashian West in Rectangle Sunglasses


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Remember how we said Kim seems to take a liking to nostalgic trends? That certainly holds true when it comes to her eyewear. The only sunglasses she wears these days are thin, '90s-inspired styles. Is it just us, or are these reminiscent of the ones Keanu Reeves wore in The Matrix? (Also, peep those latex pants.)

Shop the sunglasses from Kim's collaboration with Carolina Lemke.

For a budget-friendly option, try these chunky rectangle glasses from Urban Outfitters.