We Had 6 Girls Try the Bike Shorts Trend in NYC and L.A.

If you've been paying any attention at all to fashion these days, you'd know that the bike shorts trend has caused quite the internet chaos. Celebs like Emily Ratajkowski and Kim Kardashian West are getting behind the spandex shorts in a big way and (shocker) have been making them look actually appealing. Our first instinct? Swap them out for our regular leggings. See how one editor's summer workouts went.

Since no one can seem to make up their mind about the trend, we went ahead and tested them out to settle the case for ourselves. Unsurprisingly, our editors had lots to say about donning a spandex-clad outfit without the intent of beelining to a workout class. After all, what is a good athleisure trend if not one that you can wear in situations that don't normally warrant sports apparel?

Six of our editors—three in NYC and three in L.A.—swapped in the shorts during a full day of their regularly scheduled programming to see what all the hype is about anyway. Just below, find out what we really think about the trend and whether or not we'll be jumping at the chance to try them out again soon.

If you're not quite convinced on bike shorts, we'll leave you with this immaculate Emily Ratajkowski look for further persuasion.